Saturday 1st November 2014

Welcome to the Pacific Cricket Club website

Pacific Cricket Club are based in north London. The club hosts its Middlesex & Essex Invitation League fixtures at the scenic Alexandra Park, overlooked by Ally Pally. Pacific also play friendly fixtures at Wray Crescent in Islington, and against rival clubs at some lovely grounds in and around London. Pre-season nets will be held at Lord's from February through to April. New players always receive a warm welcome.

Old Grammarians
Sat 01-Nov-2014
Anyone keen to be the first to play in UK in November? If so, please drop K... more
Double Wicket Competition
Fri 03-Apr-2015
... more
Seniors XI v Juniors XI
Mon 06-Apr-2015
... more
Mon 04-May-2015
... more
Middlesex & Essex Invitation League Final
Sun 06-Sep-2015
... more
President's XI
Sat 24-Oct-2015
... more
Drop-in session re Wray Crescent netting
Sun 13-Jul-2014
Hello This is an update about the netting at Wray Crescent and the proposed drop in session. We have the quotes in ... more
Charity six-a-side tournament
Sat 12-Jul-2014
Gents, As you may or may not know we host charity 6-a- side tournament as an annual fixture in our calendar - playing c... more
Wray update
Sat 07-Jun-2014
A message from Islington council...   I appreciate Pacific Cricket's position on this outcome and the feeling tha... more
Mankad pantomime does Buttler and Cook no favours
Wed 04-Jun-2014
Toby's article on yesterday's ODI controversy at Edgbaston: more
Cometh The Yuan
Fri 02-May-2014
Pacific's Toby Chasseaud reviews Cometh The Yuan by Mark Newham, in which China sets its sights on taking over the MCC b... more
Bat first and enjoy the bratwurst
Sat 25-Oct-2014
Bat first and enjoy the bratwurst sausages. That was the plan – and it came off in style. J... more
Webley Hits New 'Lights
Sat 18-Oct-2014
Thanks to all who played on Saturday for enabling us to continue with our October cricketing 'od'yss... more
Kimchi, history and victory
Sat 11-Oct-2014
This is England. This is October. This is cricket. Albeit against a Strongroom lacking number... more
Alexandra Park
Sun 05-Oct-2014
(APCC could not field a side)... more
Life is like a box of Thornton's chocolates
Sat 04-Oct-2014
After Pacific restricted Homerton to 148 in persistent rain, John Thornton led a perfectly-timed cha... more
Squash tournament
Fri 21-Nov-2014
Sobell Centre. Details to be finalised Steve Emmins, Peter Hollman, James ... more
End of Season Dinner & Awards
Fri 28-Nov-2014
Venue TBC... more
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