End of Season Wrap
Mon 13 Nov 2006 
Club news item

Saturday night at the Dartmouth Arms was a splendid social event as 20 or so of us gathered to discuss the season gone. There was time to raise a glass to absent friends & who had travelled to other lands & those who were about to.

None of this mattered much by the time I left the Boston Arms at a time half way between lunch & tea as practice for a certain forthcoming test series. Woken by a sound that was more akin to a certain welshman knocking in another club bat subdued eventually only by copious painkillers. The wounded knee became a secondary consideration as the drugs got to work on a more needy area.

But I digress, the highlight of the evening is the awards & this year, 3 of the club's future stalwarts were honourably awarded

Player of the Season for the 2nd consecutive went to the champion all rounder Jon Webley with an emphatic majority of the vote (39). 2nd was Tim Vanderpump (who was not due to leave empty handed) & 3rd 4 time POS himself Jim Davies who too did not leave empty handed although there was the matter of the missing hattrick award (oops).

Most Improved Player. Not always welcomed by the recipient especially when it is awarded to the same player on more than one occassion. This year though the winner was Sammy Purcell (18 votes). A fine acknowledgment by his peers perhaps as much achieved for his comeback from a nasty ankle injury snowboarding & which wrote off the 1st half of the season. Sadly Sammy was absent & could not accept his prize. 2nd was Kurt Rademaker with 13 votes & 3rd James Gleadow with 10. Good to see the bowlers who did well getting due acknowledgement.

The Tom Brown Memorial Newcomer Award was emphatically & deserverdly won by Tim Vanderpump. What an impact & what diveristy & reliability he's given his Captains. Chris Atkin who also had a fine 1st season was runner up with 10 votes.

Fielder of the Season. Tim comes out 1st again with 27 votes. Thanks to those of you who voted for yours truly too & making me runner up. It's all gone smoothly since St Aulay. In 2005 I counted 10 consecutive dropped chances of varying degrees of dificulty & since France I've taken my last 5 so it's great to feel there's a contribution being made & better still when it's noted. Still not a match on Tim whom only Braden can be compared with in recent years

Thanks to Jim & Lauren for organising the night & to everyone who made it . I look forward to the following season each year thanks to nights like these.