A Shot Rang Out !
Sat 30 Dec 2006 
Club news item

From Ted Szuman, Associate Member & Nephew of the Secretary & Treasurer.

"Although I got a game of football in yesterday and managed a couple of hours at the nets on Boxing Day which was a bonus. I felt pretty good considering I hadn't played in a net since August and a match since June. It was difficult too as I had Seb bowling at me using one of those red and white training balls that swing and seam a mile.

All was going well until when I was packing away my kit two armed police officers came over. Apparently when the ball hit the pieces of metal that were blocking the holes in the net it sounded like a gun being fired. A woman who lived in a house nearby thought there was a shootout, called the police who sent SO19 along. I threw the ball into the metal to show them what it sounded like and they seemed convinced that it was a false alarm. They did not seem pleased when I asked them if they were bothered about the sawn-off shotgun I had in my bag. When the police interview candidates one of the questions must be " you have a sense of humour?"[if yes stop interview now]. "