Club AGM Fallout
Tue 09 Jan 2007 
Club news item

Many thanks to those who turned up & those who sent their apologies. We had an incident, non contentious meeting which flew by. Thanks too to Guy who oversaw the whole thing.

The minutes will be drafted & posted ASAP but for those who couldn't make it or can't remember the changes are as folows:-

Club Captain Jon Webley, VC Kurt Rademaker.

Evening Captain Shayne Rees & VC Conrad chandler.

Equipment Officer Kurt raemaker.

Social Secs Chloe Ross & Patricia Hollman.

President James Smith & VP Allan Roberts

New Full Members :- Kurt Rademaker, Joe Bennett, Conrad Chandler, Tim Vanderpump & Moses Hutchinson-Pascal.

New Associates :- Ted Szuman, Aroon Korgaonkar, Dan Bird, Nick Allum, Brad Mears.

More of the rest later....