2007 AGM Minutes Part 1
Fri 12 Jan 2007 
Club news item

Minutes AGM Pacific CC 2007.

Held 8th Janaury 2007 at The Penderel Oaks. 6.30pm

Attending:- Guy Wiehahn, Peter Hollman, Shayne Rees, Steve Lay, David Murray, Kurt Rademaker, James Gleadow, Jon Webley, Sammy Purcell, Conrad Chandler, Tim Vanderpump, & Rob Bastin.

Apologies:- Allan Roberts, Darryl Roberts, John Hill, James Smith & Jim Davies

Meeting came to order 6.31pm

Approval of 2006 AGM minutes. Passed unanimously.

Meeting suspended for 21 minutes for supper.


Treasurer – PAH

Circulated & discussed. Copy available upon request to Patricia Hollman. GW to query & credit tobe clarified. It is understood that GW SR & JD have undisclosed credits. Upon receipt, SR will pursue pre 2006 debit balances (excluding 8a sides) & will claw back to offset aforementioned credits known as legacy debts.

Captain. JD

Captain's Report - Sorry I can't be there - though it is a bit warmer here... Please pass onto the club as a whole my thanks for many years enjoyable cricket and even more enjoyable company. Sorry to say we lost a few too many close games last year - hopefully the opposite will happen next year under a new captain!

Captain. IIs SL

SL had nothing further to add except that he will be considerably more available this year & that he would like it if a greater degree of attention & care was attached to scoring & that more players should assist JG.

Indoor Captain CC

CC said that the results speak for themselves (p 3 l3). It was a disappointing season but the standard of opposition including Barnet who fielded ineligible players & in fact had their win against us overturned, was extremely high.

Equipment Officer JD

Kit Officer's Report - I am happy to pass on the kit in better shape than I inherited it. Advice to my successor - try to keep two working bags with full sets of kit in them - and I hope you are better at stopping Pete from moving little bits of kit into small bags that tends to spoil those plans!

Fixture Secretary PH

Last season’s continuing influx of players lead by Tim Vanderpump meant that only 2 games were lost by us having to pull out with not enough players – one less than 2006. May’s home match against Washington, Fulmer away in August. We did however also lose a further 6 games to the weather + 3 where the oppo failed to raise an XI & 2 more due to the pitch damage at Wray. Not bad for a scheduled 61 games incl midweek 4 more than 2006.

As such, I have decided to continue with the structure of 1st weekend 2 games, 2nd 1 game, 3rd 2 etc. This should leave us with a fixture list of 40 incl tours & Cup (40 games in 06,35 games in 05,it was 46 in 04).

As last year I prioritised the teams we lost to & failed to regain the honour against but as it turned out there was room for all these bar one. Transport to matches was more of a problem than for many seasons & with Jim Davies now in Australia, this is not expected to improve. Consequently, I have actively sought to play more matches closer to home including Wray Crescent – more of that later.

I also contacted OUCCC about as a tour add on only but they have not replied. Again, more of that later.

There is one free weekend left & I am still waiting to hear back from several teams to fill the last slot including Calthorpe, Locksbottom, Weston Colville, Mayfield, Walthamstow Horizontals & Turnham Green.

In addition, the Presidents game & the double wicket struck me as being universally popular & successful, so these will also remain, as well as the Seniors v Juniors game which hopefully will not be weather affected this year.

New & returning games: - Sarcen Riffs H, Priory Pk (H & A), UCS Old Boys A, N Middx A, Church End H, Molins-Westbourne, Barnet B’s (following merger of Barnet & Barclays), Chequers, Sporting Alfas, Seniors v Juniors, Hartley, Denham, Highgate, Washington A, N Middx H, Fulmer, Lessa Wanderers, Bank of England, Headstone A, Sunbury.

Competitions: - The Federation of Middlesex Sports Shield. The FMS is now split into 3 separate competitions so we will be entering the Shield which is the lowest tier. The application has been sent.

The VPCCL AGM is on 8th March . It looks like 19 teams will become at least 24 which means that the current structure of 2 conferences & 3 divisions will be replaced by 3 Conferences in the 1st phase & 4 divisions in the second in order to accommodate this projected rise in teams. This will mean 7 1st round games & a further 4 divisional matches + cup.

Wray Crescent. In November I met up with Andy Simpson who is the regional head of Glendale who run Wray Crescent. I let him know that we were very happy with the new pitch & the pavilion but were seeking further improvements – mainly the outfield. A plan of action & timetable was agreed whereby new signage will be put up marking WC as being the home of cricket in Islington. Further temp signs will be put up in January giving advance notice of projected works & repairs as well as notices of alternative sites for the footballers. This will then go ahead & the areas will be wooden stake ring fenced off with a view for a level repaired outfield ready for Easter Monday. I have upped the games from 8 in 06 (3 in 05, 6 in 04, 4 in 03) to 10 including the 3 internal games. In addition to more games in Highgate Woods, N Middx, the return of Highgate, there are more games for players able to get to independently. We will also attract & be able to utilise Islington players as & when they are needed. More of that later.

Tufnell Park New nets will be installed at some point in 2007. If before Easter, we can use for practice.

Other Grounds: - We have 4 games scheduled at Broxbourne, 1 more than 06 & 05 though 2 less than 04 & we had just 4 in 03. We have 2 matches at Gonville & Cauis, 1 of which is away. 1 less than 06. We have 2 matches at Queens, 1 of which are away. 1 less than 06. Other new grounds are Barnet’s, Chequers & Sporting Alfas

I am looking to add an extra Oxford game either on the Friday or Monday. 9 of those present were in favour & would play. 1 said they could not.

Social Secretary. JD

Social Secretary's Report - I think that the Dartmouth Arms was a great success and I'd encourage my successor to consider it for next year.

Webmaster. BH

regarding a website report - I think you guys that run the website (adding reports etc, getting feedback, new membership) are in the best position to talk about it to be honest, i.e. how effective the website is in terms of communicating and recruiting. Regarding visitors to the site, we have had over 10,000 visitors since April 2006 - the stats before this don't seem to be available at the moment. not sure what else you'd like re. website - let me know. "

Members present said CC “very very good”, JW said “either sites he’d seen were simply not as good” & GW said “fantastic”

Child Safety Officer Report. RB Nothing to report.