Slush & Squash
Sat 10 Feb 2007 
Club news item

On the day after the heaviest snow in London for 7 years, a small band of Pacificians gathered at Islington's Sobell Centre for a local skirmish amongst themselves bearing only squash racquets. I say only but there was a universally greater intent in avoiding Mr Smith's follow throughs than tracking the ball.

The usual mix of standards meant there were some close games & some not so. Unfortunatley, yours truly, with current club funds in mind, adjusted the booking down which turned out as too succinct. Annoying as last year there had been plenty of free courts available. Apologies all round - self flagulation will be deferred until later in the season when I miss a straight one !

To the scores then:- 8 out of the 10 round robin matches were completed.

1. Steve Emmins P4 W4 L0 Pts4 F36 A7

2. Peter Hollman P3 W2 L1 NR1 Pts2.5 F21 A16

3. Matt Callender P3 W1 L2 NR1 Pts1.5 F16 A18

4. James Smith P3 W1 L2 NR1 Pts1.5 F11 A21

5. James Gleadow P3 W0 L3 NR1 Pts0 F5 A29

Ordinarily 1st plays 4th & 2nd plays 3rd in the subsequent semi finals but with the withdrawal of James Smith, a 3 way round robin for the top 3 will take place on Monday 19th February at the same venue. James S is still invited should he change his mind. PS the post match Wetherburger & Butcombe Gold went down a treat.