Stan's The New Man
Wed 14 Feb 2007 
Club news item

A last minute move from the Progress Bar to Big Red in Holloway. James The Hustler Gleadow was the surprising non qualifier after the round robin. Matt Holliday's nephew & new fast medium sensation (hopefully) Stan McLoed made a dream competition debut as his table strategy & potting sunk all his opponents including Uncle Matt in an epic final.

Earlier Stan & Jon Webley eased through despite win 3 lost 3 ratio over Peter Hollman as both had been the latter in the 1st stage. Other notable was Jim Davies's appearance on his 1st post emigration return. News of our Australian based Overseas Members was gratefully heard.

Round Robin

1st Matt Holliday W5 L1 pts 5

2nd Matt Callender W4 L2 pts 4

3rd Stan McLoed W3 L3 pts 3

4th Jon Webley W3 L3 pts 3

5th Peter Hollman W3 L3 pts 3

6th James Gleadow W2 L4 pts 2

7th Jim Davies W1 L5 pts 1

Semis:- Matt H beat Jon 2-0 & Stan beat Matt C 2-1

Final:- Stan beat Matt H 3-2.