Round & Round Again Robin
Tue 20 Feb 2007 
Club news item

So back to Sobell which I believe is somehow still outside the congestion charge. I believe boundaries to Eindhoven were being explored nevertheless. Meanwhile, back on court 5, 3 had to become 2 which is what happened...just.

With James Smith otherwise engaged, a 3 way round robin to eliminate 1 went underway. Matches were best of 3, but after each game there was a change on court. Consequently, Steve lost the 1st game against Matt but nearly didn't finish the job when the 3rd & final game was interrupted at match point at 6.05pm. A sporting Matt saw it through & Steve ended both matches unbeaten. With Pete having beaten Matt earlier, the final is as in 2006 Steve v Pete.

The entire session was very tense & the standard high & Matt can consider himself unlucky to be edged out in what was a spirited & competitive performance. The final date when Steve defends his title against Pete is tba at the mo.

Steve Emmins beat Matt Callender 6-9 9-5 9-6

Steve Emmins beat Peter Hollman 9-5 9-2

Peter Hollman beat Matt Callender 9-7 9-5