5 in a Row
Wed 07 Mar 2007 
Club news item

Last night was the 3rd & final visit to the Sobell in this season's ongoing squash tourney - however, Steve 's mantle remained unlodged as he won his 5th consecutive squash title.

A warm up game to determine service was won by Pete as both players went through the motions but once the match started the intensity rose.

The opening & closing games were fairly unremarkable as the players felt their waa initially to be replaced by fatigue in the clsoing stages but the middle games were hard fought & peppered with energy sapping rallies.

To Steve's credit, as always seems the way when there is an edge his game was fairly error free & his determination to reach seemingly lost causes unquestionable. A worthy winner - again

Steve Emmins beat Peter Hollman 3 games to 1. 9-3 10-8 4-9 9-4