Double Wicket Playing Order Re-Drawn &Re-Drafted
Thu 05 Apr 2007 
Club news item

Due to Kurt's injury & David's other commitments, 1 replacement has come forward to replace Kurt- Jai Rajaraman. If another volunteer has been located before Monday, David will step aside - if not he's happy still to turn up.

This is the Re-Draft. Please can you print off a copy & bring it with you as I cannot print from here

Batting 1st:- Jon Webley & Shane Mundie. Bowlers:- Darryl Roberts, Lucius Faisal, David Murray & Lahrie Mohammed. Keeper:- Rob Bastin. Fielders:- Tim Vanderpump, Shayne Rees, James Gleadow, Oli Haill, Guy Wiehahn & James Smith. Umpires:- Peter Hollman & Matt Holliday. Scorer:- Jai Rajaraman.

2nd Wicket:- Batting:- LF & DR. Bowling:- JW RB SM & MH. Keeping:- GW. Fielding:- LM JR JG OH PH & JS. Umpiring:- SR & DM. Scoring TV

3rd wicket - Batting:- OH & LM. Bowling:- JW LF JR & PH. Keeping RB. Fielding:- DM SR JG SM DR & JS. Umpiring:- TV & GW. Scoring:- MH

4th:- JR & JG. Bowling SR JS TV & GW. Keeping:- MH. Fielding:- DM JW RB SM DR & LM. Umpiring:- LF & OH. Scoring:- DM

5th:- DM & MH. Bowling:- JG RB TV & PH. Keeping:- GW. Fielding:- LF SR JW SM LM & JR. Umpiring:- JS & DR. Scoring:- OH.

6th. Batting:- JS & PH. Bowling:- JG OH DM & MH. Keeping:- GW. Fielding:- SR JW LM SM DR & TV. Umpiring:- JR & RB. Scoring:- LF.

7th Batting:- TV & RB. Boeling:- SR OH SM & GW. Keeping:- MH. Fielding:- LF DM JW JR DR & JS. Umpiring:- JG & LM. Scoring:- PH.

8th & Final session. Batting:- GW & SR. Bowling:- DR JS JR & LM. Keeping:- MH. Fielding:- TV LF DM OH PH & RB. Umpiring:- SM & JW. Scoring:-JG.

A selection of used balls will be available on the day. Each opening bowler can chose the ball for the session.

Scoring. Batting pair bat for 8 overs. Any wicket lost 10 runs are taken off the pair's total at the end of their session. The net total is then divided to give the batting pair's individual score. Meanwhile, any bowler who takes a wicket adds 10 runs to his total which is offset against runs conceeded off his bowling. The keeper & fielders who take catches receive 1 run. Stumpings 1 run. Run outs 1 run. Scorers decision is final regarding degree of assist. TOTAL. This is added up in the pub - the earlier the better.