Kurt Pulls Out with Calf Injury
Tue 03 Apr 2007 
Club news item

Kurt writes "I'm have to pull out of next monday and probably the jnrs v snrs game aswell. I have a problem with my calf muscle. I have been to the physio a couple of times and she informed me this morning I would have to pull out of cricket for the next few weeks at least.

Its a pain in the butt as I am so looking forward to the cricket season.

I will come and umpire and catch up with you guys anyway.

Sorry about this mate".

Sad news indeed. Meanwhile, I have approached Jon Brown & Aroon re Double Wicket which will require redrafting. Meanwhile, if anyone else is free please let me know.

Nick Fuller is replacing Kurt in the Seniors v Juniors. More on that once the Dbl Wicket is sorted.