Blast From The Past
Mon 09 Apr 2007 
Club news item

Hello Peter, My name is Paul Stapleford. I have just tidied away a box of my things and found a bat which was presented to me from pacific cc for scoring 116* against Washington in 1997.

I was a student at the university and remember walking with my friend ( who is Jack Russell’s brother) back towards Tuffnell Park halls. You were a player short and I ran to get my stuff as you were in the middle of a collapse (as is true of my present club). I have just been on your website, saw your name and just thought I would send you a quick email to say hello and to wish you all a successful coming season.

I am currently the captain of a cricket club in Leicestershire called Sproxton cc. I have played there since I moved back from London. Maybe you could look at our website…it is It was a pleasure to play for you all those years ago and if I am ever in London again I would love to come to Tuffnell Park to see you all playing.

Have a fantastic season

Paul Stapleford