Marathon Innings for Conrad
Tue 24 Apr 2007 
Club news item

Thought I would update you on my tale from Sunday s marathon Marathon which I ran with fellow crazy people from work for The Bobby Moore Fund.

Big Fella

With the scorching 23 degrees of heat-wave, 22 April, upon me, it was now time to Vaseline my areas, lace my shoes and mosey on down to the start in Greenwich after having woken at 615am.

The sun was beaming and my work mates all ready to start their ordeal too. My meticulous preparation (ie, ipod and headphones all charged-up NOT the doing loads of runs in the months building up to it- as I am so stubborn I thought I was fit enough for this little jog) was thrown into disarray with the pandemonium of 36,000 people all going in different directions and the 20 min walk from the train station. My early morning carb-intake (sound like a pro hey!) was all on schedule and my visit to the gents was all planned but the 30 minute wait wasn t. When finally in the marble and gold-encrusted Portaloo, I realised that the paper had run out and therefore the only way to go was the sub-continental way (but without the bucket and water).

So with that sticky situation over, and an episode of falling over and doing the splits, I was ready to start this little jaunt...

You could sense the underlying trepidation amongst us- much like fat pigs all penned-in and snorting our way to the slaughter house a real sense of the unknown ahead. Even though in training I usually nailed the first 5 miles and would then jog on for a while more, it was impossible to force any pace with the congestion being similar to that of the Piccadilly line and therefore a light jog was the normal pace. Darth Vader being my companion for most of this

Finally I spotted Alex and Justin ahead and with a burst of speed similar to that of a Hippo, I moseyed up to them and gabbled away for 15mins until the sheer realisation of what I had got myself into hit me. We d been going for an hour and really had barely even broken into the volume of distance to come

Pubs with music blaring, madmen on microphones, and kids with sweets was the norm for most the race but the real underlying theme was that everyone was having such a great time and out to support their fellow Londoners in whatever race colour of creed they were a real sense of togetherness being stamped over everyone. Nothing can prepare you for total strangers sincerely cheering you on

My stamina is summed up with the fact that I started with Darth Vader, had the middle stages with Scooby-doo and finished with a Red Indian! A very humbling experience and something that will stay with me for at least until next year when I hope to do it all over again!!!

I now realise that all those bicep curls and tricep dips have come to no avail and really I am just a pie-eater

It s 3 days after the marathon and I can stop my impersonation of John Wayne big thanks goes to St John s Ambulance for having used up half of their Vaseline.

Time? 4hr 56mins.