Reminder re Withdrawing
Sun 13 May 2007 
Club news item

Just a quick reminder that if you didn't know already that organising an XI is not always a smooth process but the biggest difficulty is finding replacements for players who withdraw at the 11th hour or beyond.

Everyone is aware that circumstances are such that instances do indeed occurr when this is unavaoidable & everyone is sympathetic. However, when circumstances are less clear, it is clearly dissappointing at the least for all involved when we show up short & in some circumstances could even jepordise a fixture.

If it is neccessary to withdraw within 48 hours, ideally the withdrawee would arrange their own replacement, or at least to let the rest of the team know why via the Captain. The Captains have guidelines & if a there is a no show or an inexplicable withdrawal within 24 hours of a game, future availability will factor this is in particularly in these times when supply is outstripping supply.

Most importantly though - Thanks again to everyone for the committments that you make - it is greatly appreciated & even in defeat the day is capable of being highly enjoyable.