EGM Elects Ben
Fri 18 May 2007 
Club news item

Despite an errant Club Sec who had called the meeting, it is understood that Ben Gibson was elected as a Full Member & will receive all accompanying rights upon receipt of the 2007 subscribtion. Detail of the meeting to follow in due course.

Following a strong interest shown by current Guest player, recent recruit, Ben Gibson, The Chairman has agreed to my request (seconded by Rob Bastin & Shayne Rees) for an EGM for Saturday 26th May to be held at The White Lion & Mortimer at 7.30pm or as soon as quorate immediatley after the Priory Park match.

There is only 1 item on the agenda which is that Ben Gibson has been proposed as a Full Member by myself & seconded by both Shayne Rees & Rob Bastin.

If you wish to add any other motion please send it to Guy along with the name of your seconder before 7.30pm tomorrow evening, the 19th May, & the Agenda will be circulated next week.