Our New Friends in Langlebury.
Sun 24 Jun 2007 
Club news item

Below is the reply to my mail thanking Langlebury for their hospitality & with a view to renewing acquaintances in 2008.

" Hi Peter, Absolutely no problem in mailing me at all. Unfortunately Chris is somewhat old school and as such is not one for the information super highway. I will most willing pass on a copy of your most gracious comments and I am sure that we can find a space in our diary for you in 2008. If we can do our best to avoid the probable Sunday cup dates next season then we should be able to guarantee a game on the main wicket again. I will also pass on your comments to the guys who played against your team as it is always nice to know when you are doing something right as we normally only get to hear when things are wrong nowadays.

Once again many thanks for taking the time to contact us and we will look forward to receiving you again on the pitch and in the bar next season.

Kind regards

Kevin Kelly

Chairman, Langleybury Cricket Club. "