Flooding Threat to Oxford
Mon 23 Jul 2007 
Club news item


From our man at the ground, Rob Bastin: 'At the ground. Looks fine. Both pitches look flat and dry. Pavillion untouched. Road access intact.'

Received word from Pete that the waters have continued to drop and they will be doing the necessary today. Game details as previously circulated. I'm off to have a look myself today :)

UPDATE 26/7 Hi all Latest news from Martin (groundsman at Oxford) is that they weren't able to sort out the septic tank today, but the water only needs to drop by another 2 inches overnight and they could get to work on it. The pitch has never been flooded. He said he'd let Pete know at 9am Friday whether the water's dropped enough. That's the latest as at 8.30 tonight. Is a swap to your ground for Sunday still on, if we leave the decision until Friday evening? Fingers crossed (have you seen the forecast for Sunday?!) Steve

UPDATE 26/7 from our man who's parents live nearby "Contrary info from my ole Dad: ďwaterís up an inch overnight [in the garden] but not enough to threaten the house. We saw Harmy [the usually pond-dwelling goldfish] swimming around in his extended pool yesterday! Wonder if heíll return to HQ [the pond, not Lordís!] once the water subsides! He must feel heís on an unexpected holiday..."

UPDATE 24/7 PM Doron, I Spoke to Martin Cross - the groundsman today ! The situation is that the ground is untouched BUT Brasenose next door is flooded as is the sewage overflow which is being pumped out on Thursday assuming it has not overflowed by then. I will hear from Martin on Thursday night but the council will prohibit us from playing even if the ground is clear unless there are amenities & fresh water to drink & wash in. I'll mail you when I know more on Thursday or Friday 1st thing. Good to hear that there is a fallback ie Ranulf Rd Best Regards Peter Hollman

UPDATE 24/7 "Peter, I saw Martin this evening, and while the Queens pitch is OK, there are problems with the clubhouse as Braesnose has flooded into Queens. Martin was talking about bringing temporary changing facilities on site last night though.

At the moment the weekend games are on, but there is some doubt. I suggest you call him first hand to get the story first-hand. Cheers, Keith."

23/7 Just so you know, I have checked the DEFRA flooded areas, checked local Oxford news sites & mailed our oppo for Saturday as well as Queens itself. The current picture remains unclear but I am fearing the worse ahead of confirmation.

The only response I have had is from Keith Whiter from Isis who says "Iím a bit stranded myself at the moment Peter, so have not been able to get out to the town centre to look. I may see Martin tonight if I can get across country Ė do you have his latest mobile number at all. I only have his number on my mobile phone, and thatís at work (Iím at home today)."

Since then he wrote again " Thanks Peter. My note may have sounded more dramatic than it needed to, as I am not too badly affected, compared to people in the towns. I actually live on an island in the middle of a lake in the Witney area, so am used to being surrounded by water. The water level has risen about 3ft though, and the jettyís on both side are covered so I am up to my knees before getting to the boat and landing the boat is tricky without causing damage. At least the house is still dry (and is likely to stay that way unless the water continues to rise daily at the same rate for a week). Some local minor roads are impassable, though I very much hope to see you next Saturday!"

So there is optimism. Any more news & I will update this report.