A Run to Forget ...Or not ?
Tue 04 Sep 2007 
Club news item

The recent sad run of weekend games without a win is currently being compared & contrasted by Steve Lay from his archives of scorebooks "I can't say what our longest run without a win is without going back through all 800-odd games. It's not quite as daunting as it sounds, but it'll take more than 10 minutes. Watch this space!"

And the answer is "Hi Pete I've checked out our longest sequences without a win. Strangely they all come from the years 1989-1993.

I reckon we've gone 10 weekend games without a win on our present bad run. There are only two runs worse than that and they're both of 12 games (in 1992 and 1993). We did draw more games in both cases though (4 and 9, compared with only 3 so far this year).

We're still a little way of our worse sequence of winless away games (11 in 1993) and home games (9 in 1989/90). I reckon we're only on 4 home games since beating Squirrels at Wray Crescent and 7 away games since winning at Locksbottom.

Another thing to add to the 2008 Stats!

Cheers Steve"

so things aren't as bad as they seemed.....yet.....