A Letter from Brent Council to Priory Park
Thu 06 Sep 2007 
Club news item

Dear Paul, Thank you for your E.Mail concerning last weeks misunderstanding between your selves and South Hampstead C.C.

Having looked into the paper work it would seem that Priory Park had a permit to play on C2 at Vale Farm, and South Hampstead should have played on C3 at North Wembley Pavilion. South Hampstead were told of the change of venue for there club, but as you know they turned up early and started playing on there usual pitch. I have contacted South Hampstead C.C. and told them of there mistake and warned them of there conduct in the future.

Your booking for this week on Sat 8th September, you will be playing on your normal pitch C2. there will be no other club playing on that day. The following week you will be playing as your permit.

As for compensation, i will be discuss with Phil Bruce-Green on his return from sickness. I'm sure there with not be a problem about either issue.

On behalf on Phil and myself I apologise for the confusion, I hope this has not marred you season with Brent Park Service.

Regards John