Old Pacificians & New T20
Sun 20 Jul 2008 
Club news item

1980s: Peter Hollman Nigel Wilkinson* Mark Sams John Hill Tony Summerbell Jon Warner Steve Lay Lee McDonald Simon Stockbridge John Baglivi Frank Baglivi

1990s: Ian Lay John Green Allan Roberts Timothy Mileham Neil Fox Adrian Palmer Mike Alexander Darryl Roberts Adrian Duthie Jonathan Campbell* Joe Bennett

2000s: Matt Holliday Steve Emmins Lucius Faisal Jon Brown Shayne Rees Kurt Rademaker Jon Webley* Matt Callender James Gleadow Darren Tempany Alastair Pritchard

2010s (or 12ths) Luke Hollman, Alex Jessop-Emmins, Ashley Duthie, Dominic Lay,

First responses are now coming in:- Mark Sams despite being in Malaysia is giving serious consideration, Peter Hollman & Steve Lay are already signed up, Kevin Murphy in LA is highly tentative, more to come. Definately coming out of retirement in Worcester Park meanwhile is John Green "thanks for the invite and please ink me in for this fixture.I hope all the others can make it."

Tony Summerbell is also a goer "I think the game is a great idea. I'll need six or seven months to get some sort of fitness for chasing them 4's to the boundary. " Adrian Palmer was so keen to attend that he bought the Secretary & Treasurer lunch - at least that's the slant I'm taking - he's going to be there anyway !. Traffic allowing a strong intent has been made by John Hill.

Nigel Wilkinson , the longest serving & original Captain writes " Anyway I'm keen to play the 25th, if not some other games. I've had a few illness problems this year with some odd virus problems (I seem to have Rhinitis at the moment, which is not being thick skinned, but leaves me short of breath) and high blood pressure. This being the case, I've resolved to try and get fit next year. We still have long walks on the weekend, but I need to do something more lively (Cricket?!)."

Lee McDonald "All sounds terrible exciting, I would love to come, it would be great to see all those all bastards again. It loooks like you will need a zimmer frame park and not a car park.

Ian Lay "Hopefully going to be playing a few games this year and at the moment I'm available for the 25th anniversary game. An "old boy" at 36, are you trying to make me feel old before my time! ;-)"

Ben Hardisty "if we don't go to France, count me in for the game - so put me down as a possible but very unlikely at the moment"

Darryl Roberts Do I qualify as one of the younger Old Pacificians (not the youngest of course, that would be Ian Lay, no doubt)? I debuted in 1990. Either way, please put my name down - sounds like fun! Cheers Darryl

Ian Amos Snowed under at work at the moment but suffice to say count me in as long as kids don’t bowl too quickly and I can field at 3rd man!!

Nigel Wilkinson Hoping to be ok for the anniversary

John & Frank Baglivi Yes we are both down for the old ‘ns v young un’s

Joe Bennett writes "Rang the Foxmeister and he's up for it"

Jonathan Campbell said sign me in for this one dude.

Simon Stockbridge Trust you are well. Had a call from Steve Lay a while backabout the “Old Boys” game on 27 July and I would love to come. Imay have to get out my “Cricket for dummies” to brush up on a fewbasics, but it would be great to see everyone again. Please let me have moredetails when they’re available.Just off to practise switch hitting.

Message of apology from Ian "Hi Pete, Hope all is well and apologies for the late response. I’m afraid I can’t make the above due to being on holiday in Southwold. It’s a shame as I would have loved to see how my current game, at the tender age of 44 would have stacked up in the 20:20 environment, think it may have been well suited all those years ago in Tuffnell Park. I sincerely hope the weekend goes well as I really do have so many fond memories of playing for Pacific and as I grow older my love for reading/watching and listening to cricket increases year on year which make the memories of yourself/Steve/The Baglivies/Matt/Alan/Daryl to name a few, so much sweeter. Please carry on cc’ing in on events as you never know I may be around one day for an old boys PCC golf day. Have a great one Pete. Cheers Ian Amos"

Anyone who played for the club in the formative years ie. between 1993 & 1990 should contact the club secretary.