VPCCL Cup Draw
Tue 21 May 2002 
Club news item

Apologies for the delay in circulating the draw. It originally took place following the Presidents v Champions match & circulation was delayed until rescheduling of the fixtures following Tower Ravens' admission were confirmed.

The pre-qualifier match is confirmed for Wray Crescent but matches 5 & 8 which were scheduled for there can be switched to VP3 if the pitch is ready & the sides involved are agreeable to this. Please make intentions known either ASAP.

First named (league) team will provide the ball. Highgate advised in advance of the draw that they cannot play on 24/7/02 & 7/8/02 (amongst other dates). I await a league ruling as to whether their match dates can be switched should they progress to the quarter finals.

Finally, A proposal:- that any player affiliated to a non league side who has played for a league side is consequently restricted by the same rules governing appearances for a team different to one they have already played for. See rules on website for clarification. To be ratified.

Pre Qualifier Wray Crescent 11/7/02 Hackney Grasshoppers 2 v Washington.

1st Round
Match 1 VP2 Highgate v Rose & Crown
Match 2 VP1 Mola Jutt v Hackney Grasshoppers 1
Match 3 VP2 Dover Castle v Chats Palace
Match 4 VP1 Old Fallopians v OO8 (Martians)
Match 5 VP3/WC Newham College A v Victoria Lounge
Match 6 VP2 Pacific v Stoke Newington
Match 7 VP1 Tower Ravens v Caledonian Conquerors
Match 8 VP3/WC Newham College B v Hackney Grasshoppers 2 or Washington

Quarter Finals
A VP1 Winners match 1 v Winners match 2
B VP2 Winners match 3 v Winners match 4
C VP1 Winners match 5 v Winners match 6
D VP2 Winners match 7 v Winners match 8

VP2 Winners A v Winners B
VP2 Winners C v Winners D


Any Queries please let me know.

Peter Hollman
Fixture Secretary
Victoria Park Community Cricket League

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