2008 AGM Minutes
Mon 25 Feb 2008 
Club news item

• Attended:- Peter Hollman (POH), Jon Webley (JW), Steve Lay (SL), Matt Callender (MC), James Gleadow (JG), Shayne Rees (SR), & Guy Wiehahn (GW).

• Apologies:- Conrad Chandler, Chris Atkin, Kurt Rademaker, David Murray, Allan Roberts, John Hill, Rob Bastin, Tim Vanderpump, Adrian Duthie, Oli Haill, Lahri Mohammed, James Smith, Nigel Wilkinson.

• Meeting commenced once quorate at 7.13pm.

• Minutes of Last Meeting. Passed as read.

• Reports

o Captain I. JW said that there were not enough victories, could have been a better set of results & would have preferred a consistent core of players but the new players to arrive have all been very encouraging. Most memorable match was the defeat ofCrossbats in Hampton Court. If he is re-elected he wil endeavour to identify & select more in advance key players for key matches.

o Captain II. SL said more people to playing regularly would be nice.

o Chairman. GW resigning

o Indoor Captain. No report submitted. No indoor games this season.

o 8s Captain + Vice SR said plaesed that we had consolidated form & although progress was minimal it was still pleasing that with an extended cup run & 4th place in division 2 was still the best season since 2004 & looking to build on that. Following a change in domocile, ferrying of the kit was no longer possible but hopefully evening league regulars PH & Steve Emmins would be able to step in.

o Equipment Officer. Kurt Rademaker (KR) No report submitted

Fixture Secretary POH The continuing influx of new players + 4 Full Members playing 20 games plus (Webley, Bastin, Hollman & Holliday) meant that only 1 game was lost by us having to pull out with not enough players – one less than 2007 continuing an excellent trend. (FYI the game declined was the August Bank Holiday Sunday against Barnet Bs). We did however also lose a further 12 games of which 5 were to the weather, a further 3 abandoned, + 5 where the oppo failed to raise an XI. Not bad for a scheduled 64 games incl midweek given the poor weather of 2007. Indeed this was 3 more than 2006. As such, I have decided to continue with the structure of 1st weekend 2 games, 2nd 1 game, 3rd 2 etc. This should leave us with a fixture list of 39 incl tours & Cup (40 games in 07 & again in 06, 35 games in 05, it was 46 in 04).

In organising the 2008 schedule, as before I prioritised the teams we lost to & failed to regain the honour against. Of these, 3 have not been slotted in for 08 (yet) :- Parkfield & Headstone have not responded to 3 mails, Fulmer have neither but I’ve kept their slot as to be confirmed as they’ve done that before. P&H is more problematic as their slot is in the period we are touring France. North Middlesex have had a change of Chairman / Fixture Secretary & I was advised to get back in touch this month which I may yet do. No team that we played in 2007 was not approached for 2008.

By my reckoning, then I would say that there is just 1 firm date to fill which is Saturday 10th May so I will see who gets back to me first. I remain encouraged by the late season weather & the high demand of player availability so the Presidents game will take place 5 days later than 2007. Equally, conisitently good early season weather means the double wicket which is also highly popular will be 4 days earlier. This year we have 4 games scheduled in France as opposed to 3 in in 06. Once the final make up of tourists is known I’ll canvas again all players to ascertain who wants to play when.

2 day game. Yes it’s the 1st since 1991 & the 2nd in the club’s history. I’m very proud that we’ve been able to arrange this especially as it’s against Crossbats whom we’ve played more than any other side. Selection for it is another issue to be resolved though.

The 25th Anniversary. To coincide with this, we have 3 days in Oxford expanded from 2 & will include an Old Boys match on the Sunday sandwic hed between the Isis & UCS games. I foresee a relaxed match with the veterans in particular subbing on & off but with no more than 11 on the field & 11 batting. The ground are also allowing camping on site & there will be a special BBQ after the game. It is hoped that UCS will be playing on the adjacent ground to join us. It should be a memorable day indeed. As well as this weekend & the France tour & the 2 day game, there is a overnighter in Dorset / Oxford when the club plays the Captain’s home town club. Should be an excellent weekend.

New games: - North Two CC, Saracen Riffs (away). Dorset Wanderers, Eymet CC,

Returning games:- Lord Gnome XI, CYPOS, Old Pacificians, Bordeaux, Damazan & St Au Ley

Competitions: - The Federation of Middlesex Sports Shield. Same as 07.

The VPCCL AGM is on 6th March . It looks like 2 teams will become at least 27 which means that the current structure of 3 conferences & 4 divisions will remain although it is likley that some games will be played on Fridays. This will mean 8 1st round games & a further 4 divisional matches + cup. One more than 2007.

Wray Crescent Despite a meeting with Glendale representatives in November 2006, most of the plans pre-season did not go ahead. There is a replacment manager who I will contact again this month with a view to ressurecting those plans ie. A plan of action & timetable whereby new signage will be put up marking WC as being the home of cricket in Islington. Further temp signs will be put up in January giving advance notice of projected works & repairs as well as notices of alternative sites for the footballers. This will then go ahead & the areas will be wooden stake ring fenced off with a view for a level repaired outfield ready by early April. Given that the ground was in excellent condition at the end of the season this is not as pressing as before but will go through the process nevertheless. Additionally, last season was disruption from the sidelines free & there is less evidence of full scale football on Sundays & as such we will be taking a tentative return to Sundays at Wray with a scheduled match against Graces on Sunday 20th April. I have allocated 9 games for 2008, & there is also an outside prospect that we will get the odd evening match there too.

Tufnell Park New nets were installed at Tufnell Park but have not had runaway use. I would like to gauge reaction to those who have used them.

Other Grounds: - We have 3 games scheduled at Broxbourne, they are now playing regular Sunday league & at least 1 pitch request was turned down. We have 2 matches at Gonville & Cauis, 1 of which is away the other is the 2 day affair. We have 4 matches at Queens, 2 of which are away. Other new grounds are Tudor Sports Ground in New Barnet, Hindon, & Eymet’s.

o o Social secretary. Chloe Ross. No report submitted

o Webmaster No report submitted

Treasurer. Patricia Hollman (PAH) reports Please can sheets be completed for all matches including 8 a side fully & with all necessary detail. Full members subs should staay at £30 (with the £5 increase if late) & £15 for Asociate to rise from £10 If paying directly into account, please detail what payment is for on each transaction. Can all arrears be cleared ASAP. Queries email to Patricia.Hollman@virgin.net TOTAL in in 2007 £3418.35 TOTAL out £2898.50 Current account balance which includes tour monies £519.85 Tours & tour t shirts excluded A debtors List was also circulated The request for an increase in AM’s annual subs from £10 to £15 was passed unaninously

Interval 7.54pm to 8.01pm

o • Election of club posts – The following were all passed unanimously & elected unapposed

o 1st XI Captain + Vice JW & KR

o 2nd XI Captain + Vice SL. JG proposed by SR 2nd by PH

o Indoor Captain Conrad Chandler (CC)

o 8s Captain + Vice SR & CC

o Treasurer + Vice PAH

o Fixture Secretary POH

o Equipment Officer KR

o Social Secretary Karin Seeburger proposed by SR. SR 2nd by PH

o Webmaster Ben Hardisty

o Chairman JG proposed by SR 2nd PH

o Vice Chairman MC proposed by JG 2nd by SL

• Election of Members and Associate Members. PH advised all that all potential members had been contacted & based on those who had replied & the nature of the reply. The following were all proposed as Full Members & The Club Secretary instructed to issue invitations in due course:- ;Darren Tempany, Alastair Prichard, Nicholas Fuller, Aroon Korgoankar, Jon Brown, Peter Henry & Andy Harbourne. Also the following for Associate Membership:- Fraser Grant, Ben Haley & Stan McLeod. Requests for downgrading were received & accepted from Tim Vanderpump, GuY Wiehahn, & Conrad Chandler.

• Update on tours. Although there are weekend trips to Salisbury/Oxford + Oxford itself & a 2 day game in Cambridge, most detail was circulated regarding the week tour to France which is oversubscribed. Applications for the 2 Oxford weekends are welcomed whilst invitations are continuing to go out to ex Pacific members for the anniversary game. The 2 day game was discussed later. Regarding France Sammy had withdrawn & Ben Gibson paid his deposit. Adrian Duthie & his family could fill the 4 spare places & plans could then continue.

• Winter nets. Applications were taken at the meeting & Members can still continue to do so.

• Charity. JW proposed Leukemia as a friend & contemporary who’s funeral he was going to & thereby missing the EOSB. Passed unanimously

• Any other business.

1. A new fines system was discussed & passed unanimously to tie in with the new charity. £0.50p a dropped catch. £0.50p a duck £0.50p for last to arrive. Captain to adjudicate on all disputes & no right of appeal.

2. JG in process applying for grant money that may be available for nets & artificial surfaces via the Islington Development Council.

3. Selection criteria determined for the 2 day game. GW unconcerned that probably not required as day 2 is a working day nevertheless the process was discussed & agreed. Criteria 1 will be Full Members. If more than 11 available, the 2nd criteria is Full members who have made the most appearances in 2008.

4. JW said that he would also be assisting with availabilities for the Salisbury / Oxford weekender in June & would be seeking out accomodation

5. Rob Bastin elected as President & Lahri Mohammed Vice.

Meeting concluded at 8.49pm