Steve Squashes New Young Pip
Sun 09 Mar 2008 
Club news item

Steve Emmins made it his squash title again for the 6th year consecutively. His usual finalist did not however qualify & he did instead beat young frenchmen Nick Begu making his first appearance in the tournament. Indeed Nick has pledged to make his first appearance on the cricket field too as & when required.

Meanwhile, it was a closer final than in recent years & Nick was even 1 game up before experience won out over youth & Steve came back impressively after Nick has pulled the match all square.

1st Round

1st Steve Emmins W 4 L 0 36-20

2nd Nick Begu W 3 L 1 31-22

3rd Peter Hollman W 2 L 2 26-27

4th Matt Callender W 1 L 3 26-27

5th James Gleadow W 0 L 4 9-36


Steve beat Matt 9-0 9-7 & Nick beat Pete 9-7 9-4


Steve beat Nick 9-2 6-9 9-4