Steve Squashes New Young Pip
Sun 09-Mar-2008 
Club news item

Steve Emmins made it his squash title again for the 6th year consecutively. His usual finalist did not however qualify & he did instead beat young frenchmen Nick Begu making his first appearance in the tournament. Indeed Nick has pledged to make his first appearance on the cricket field too as & when required.

Meanwhile, it was a closer final than in recent years & Nick was even 1 game up before experience won out over youth & Steve came back impressively after Nick has pulled the match all square.

1st Round

1st Steve Emmins W 4 L 0 36-20

2nd Nick Begu W 3 L 1 31-22

3rd Peter Hollman W 2 L 2 26-27

4th Matt Callender W 1 L 3 26-27

5th James Gleadow W 0 L 4 9-36


Steve beat Matt 9-0 9-7 & Nick beat Pete 9-7 9-4


Steve beat Nick 9-2 6-9 9-4