Annual Golf Competition
Mon 07 Jul 2008 2pm
Diary entry

This year's golf tournament is on at holder Allan Robert's chosen venue - Grim's Dyke Golf Club Pinner Middlesex England HA5 4AL

Should be fun. Please let the Club Sec know if you wish to be involved.

Attending:- Allan Roberts, Peter Hollman, Adrian Duthie, Steve Emmins, Darryl Roberts, Jon Webley, Rob Woodcock & Shayne Rees.

Have just spoken to Grim's Dyke GC: I can ring again on Friday to book tee times, currently the course is open on that afternoon. And........... they're offering a special Monday price during this summer................ 18 each (half price) so no need for 2fore1's to be used up. Hooray! Al