Wed 05 Jun 2002 
Club news item

All Please check again against your name below as there have been some changes.

Other Info: Dave is booking hotel today (for the Weds/Thurs) & I'll be reconfirming the Castle (fri/sat) tonight - I also need to post out the fixture cards, Marcel may be in doubt for Weds - Friday (incl). Final line ups subject to change as I have still to determine which 2 games I am missing which in turn depends on fluctuation of other tourists' requirements.

Prov XI v Exeter: MB, JSH, TM, DM*, LY, MD, SL, MR + 3 from PH IL JC DR SR Resting: JD, CP

& Prov XI v South Devon:- MB, JD, JSH, TM, DM*, SR, LY, MR, CP + 2 from the remaining JC PH IL DR SR who rested from the Exeter game which leaves the other 3 from this group resting. Also resting MD SL

Prov XI v Over Stowey:- XI from JC PH MR CP JD JSH SL TM DM* MD + 1 from the Resting IL DR SR. Also Resting MB, LY.

Prov XI v Porlock:- XI from MB JC JD JSH PH SL * CP DM PC + 2 from the resting group of IL DR SR who rested against Over Stowey Resting MR

Prov XI v Bayshill:- XI from MB JC JD PH IL SL * TM DR LY CP SR PC depending on who's the least injured/fatigued ! Resting:- MR

Finally:- After the Exeter match, Tim & Mary Anne have invited all our party to theirs for a party which should be good fun. (I'll circulate more details as they become available).

Finally Finally:- The holder of the annual Pacific CC Pool Trophy has designated that this year's tourney will be held at the Castle Inn, Porlock on the Saturday night. It could be a KO ! OK !!