Updated (Bad) News from Bordeaux
Thu 07 Aug 2008 
Club news item

Hi Peter, We're going to have to knock it on the head this time I'm afraid. My best, Neil

"Hello Peter, Your email beat me to me sending you one. The South-West regional play-off (northern champions versus southern champions) has just been arranged for Sunday 24th August at Damazan and therefore our fixture with you that day will not be possible I'm afraid.

Sorry to miss you that day - maybe you could switch that fixture to play Eymet that day, depending on their availability ?

My best, Neil"

Just to add that this is indeed what has been arranged & I have asked if Bordeaux can host us on another day.

& from Damazan "Dear Peter, Can't recommend anyone else who would be within reasonable travelling distance but would suggest you could ask if either of the sides you are playing could swap with Bordeaux, that's if Bordeaux could play on the date. Regards John"