Injury Corner Update
Thu 08 Aug 2002 
Club news item

Keeper Batsman Offspinner Leon Yates reports unfortunately I am still on the injury list but happy to say making progress slowly.I have been advised whilst undergoing treatment that I must ease back into any sport. I know the tour is some way off but I think a little too close to commit to playing - sorry. I'd like to catch up for a drink sometime though.

Allrounder Dave Austin reports "I'm not 100% at the moment. I've had either a hip or groin problem for some time now so I finally went to the doctor recently as it was starting to piss me off. I am on anti-inflammatory tablets at the moment which seem to be helping. Once I have finish my course I'll take it from there. If no significant improvement then I'll have to go for an xray.

I badly want to place some cricket preferably on a Sunday but people just keep giving me these damn DL jobs at weekend. Besides the weather hasn't been anything to shout about anyway. I have been receiving your emails so please keep sending them. For the love of the game I hope I can get a few games in very soon.

Give my regards to Darryl and all the other lads and hopefully it won't be long before you see me on the field.

Leon Yates reports "It looks like I will only have a 35% chance of being fit enough (for the Oxford tour). The original 4 weeks rest looks like being extended to about 8 now - I am still having pain in the back but also undergoing treatment which is helping slowly.

John Green reports on his damaged knee. "I damaged it road-running and although i could probably start a matchit's pretty certain that i would be hobbling after a few sharp sprints,Well perhaps not sharp(especially in my case) but all the twisting and turning has a bad effect."

Meanwhile, Steve Lay is hoping to see a physiotherapist this week & is hoping to resume playing in August following pulling his hamstring against Over Stowey.

Marcel Boonaert dropped out of this week's games due to a recurrence of his groin strain. It is hoped that it is not serious enough to keep him out of next week's league match v Victoria Lounge & the Sunday game v Archway Graces.

Tennis elbow has been giving Ben Hardisty a problem all year, but now seems to be on the mend. He may even be available for a round of golf before too long !