Hugh are ya?!
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent  Sat 10-Apr-2010 at 12 noon
Won by Hugh Teesdale

Rob Bastin was unable to defend his title on a warm spring day. It was a lovely day rounded off by a visit to the White Lion. Darren and Lucius both struck sixes over the pavilion and Lucius took the catch of the day with a fine diving effort in the deep. Going as the last pair Darren struck 94 in a partnership of 105/3 with nine year old Hugh but Hugh had outdone Darren with the ball to claim victory. James and David were the only pair not to suffer a dismissal with a stand of 52.

Hugh Teesdale 33.5

Darren Tempany 17.5

Shayne Rees 17

James Gleadow 16.5

Peter Hollman 11.5

Stuart Hopper 8.5

Chris Barber 7

David Barnard 5.5

Lucius Faisal -2

Joe Bennett -6

Sam Parkinson -8

Chris French -11

Jon Webley -14

Stephen Richards -14.5

Rob Allum -16

Luke Hollman -18

Doug Teesdale -26.5

Matt Holliday -28

batting pairs:-

Jon Webley & Joe Bennett

Darren Tempany & Hugh Teesdale

Lucius Faisal & Luke Hollman

Sam Parkinson & Matt Holliday

Chris Barber & Shayne Rees

Stephen Richard & Stuart Hopper

David Barnard & James Gleadow

Rob Allum & Chris French

Doug Teesdale & Peter Hollman

Bowling Groups

The Openers:- Rob Allum, Lucius Faisal, James Gleadow, Chris French.

The Change Bowlers:- Darren Tempany, Stuart Hopper, Shayne Rees, Jon Webley & Sam Parkinson

The Spinners:- Matt Holliday, Luke Hollman, Chris Barber, Stephen Richards & Doug Teesdale

The Occasionals:- Peter Hollman, Hugh Teesdale, Dave Barnard, Joe Bennett.

The full rules are on last year's match report FYI as well as helping you understand how it operates & is scored & how it went last year.


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