N E L C L AGM Minutes Nov 08
Sat 22 Nov 2008 
Club news item

Dear All, Below are what I consider the key points of the minutes. If anyone thinks I have missed out a vital point, please let me know. Thanks to all participants for a successful 2008 NELCL season, and we hope 2009 will be as good or better!

Best, Richard Johnson (London Fields CC Fixtures Secretary)


Victoria Park Juniors to pay league (via league Treasurer Paul Turley) the £285 they are owing for 2008

Pacific CC to tell Mark Lawrie by the end of November whether they want to join the league in 2009

Ian Charlton is requested to kindly send appropriate details of LFCC's insurance policy to Hackney Vill age CC and Pacific CC to facilitate their buying such a policy for 2009. E-mails: John.Rees@ingeniousmedia.co.uk, jgleadow@aol.com

Mark Lawrie to circulate document setting out child protection rules clubs must follow if they have players under the age of 18. Valuable for all clubs to be aware of these rules.

Richard J to send Mark L existing document on NELCL rules for circulation to clubs ahead of 2009 season.

Report on 2008

No secretary's report as departing secretary Dave Ireland could not attend. As he has said by e-mail, the 2008 league title was shared between London Fields and Island CC.

Thanks to David Ireland for all his work and a well-run league in 2008. Treasurer's report: Paul Turley reported that . The league has about £20 in its bank account. Victoria Park Juniors still owe the league £285 from 2008. Paul has made various efforts to obtain this money without success. Although he normally would not have let a club play in the league without having paid its fees up front, since he has known Mark Lawrie and others associated with VPJ for many years he decided he would not bar them from the 2008 season as he could trust they would eventually pay. But he was not willing to accept any late payment of fees for the 2009 season. The league needs its fees in hand before it pays Hackney Council for pitches.

Many thanks to Paul for counting our pennies during the last year. NELCL webmaster's report: Ben Sanders read a report from webmaster Chris Skinner. The website was new for 2008. It has had some 17,000 hits and has been a success. However, it needs support from NELCL clubs and members. Some clubs have been slow sending in results and match reports. It was noted that some leagues punished clubs that were late to send in result cards. While the NELCL did not want to go down this route, we wanted to encourage clubs to support the site by sending in match reports and other useful information.

Many thanks to Chris for running the website in 2008.

Votes taken: Mark Lawrie elected league secretary Paul Turley re-elected league treasurer

NELCL games to be played only on grass. While we wanted in general to be accommodating to Pacific, whose home pitch has an astroturf wicket, there was a strong preference for grass strips from current NELCL clubs. Mark L mentioned that the NELCL was one of few opportunities to give VPJ youth players experience on grass. John S and Ben S also expressed this preference.

In the event of a tie for the league win, the league to be declared tied with no other method such as net run rate used or a play-off used to separate the teams. The use of net run rate to decide the title was viewed as too demanding of the accuracy of scorebooks. Arrangements for 2009

We have 6 clubs definitely in. Island CC, Tower Ravens, Hackney Village, London Fields CC, Victoria Park Juniors, Coach & Horses. Pacific have yet to decide whether to join but will inform Mark L by the end of November. Welcome to Hackney Village who passed the 'good bunch of lads' test.

While I don't think we reached final agreement on how long to keep league membership open, I think general sentiment was to wait for Pacific to decide and then declare NELCL membership closed for 2009 and get on with organising fixtures. Richard J mentioned that there was some risk that other clubs or leagues could book up Hackney pitches ahead of the NELCL, so it was important to get on with bookings quickly.

If we have 6 teams in the league, each team plays every other twice, ergo 10 games each. If 7 teams, 12 each but this is as many games as we want to play. Ergo no more than 7 clubs.

League dues: Dues must be paid up front, in about February or earlier if Mark L is ready to make pitch bookings. Hackney have yet to confirm the price for pitches in 2009. Last year it was £57 per pitch. We expect an increase to £60. The league also pays £28.50 per year to Chris Skinner for its website. Ergo, as a rough guide, the league expects to ask each club for the following amounts:

If 6 clubs: £305 each If 7 clubs: £364 each

Other arrangements will be identical to those for 2008. Thus, the fixture list will specify each team to be 'the home team' for half its games and 'the away team' for the other half. Home teams take responsibility for removing the rope around the square and replacing it at the end of the game, and for setting out boundary flags and stumps. The away team supplies the match ball. Thus, all teams need to own their own boundary flags and stumps and bails.