EGM Minutes 24-11-08
Thu 27 Nov 2008 
Club news item

Minutes EGM 24th November 2009 at the Lamb ph.

Present:- Kurt Rademaker(KR), Peter Hollman(PH), Steve Lay(SL), Jon Webley(JW), James Gleadow(JG), Chris Atkin(CA), James Smith(JS), Matt Callender(MC), Aroon Korgoankar(AK) & Matt Holliday(MH) who arrived after meeting concluded.

Commenced 7.55pm


League Cricket. Discussion of invitation to the North-East London Cricket League & whether Pacific should join. Prior to the meeting there had been a poll which the majority of Full Members who responded were in favour in principle, which gave the Clubs Officers a mandate to research & learn all the salient points including the NELCL AGM minutes.

Discussion centred on whether the league would be suitable & that there were reservations as Wray Crescent had been rejected. PH advised that none of the grounds had changing facilities, showers, & were vulnerable to the weather & as the pitches were in parks, were of a standard less than that currently enjoyed.

In addition, the League had voted for a 12 match season, effectively 3 months, which would mean Pacific would have to cancel already agreed games for 2009.

JS wanted Pacific to investigate availability of Albert Road Recreation Ground (currently used by Village CC who had resigned from the league) but those present felt that it would only delay the issues, may not be available as Village will still be playing there, not help the fixture secretary as there were still only limited slots available & not meet the League’s deadline of response.

JG said he still considered that Sunday matches should be Pacific’s priority whether we joined the League for 2009 & beyo nd that. SL said current priority games conflict with league games.

PH advised that feelings against Wray were not unanimous within the NELCL either & MC suggested that the League teams be invited to play at Wray with a view to invitations being raised by the league sides to play at their current grounds.

This seemed to be the optimal solution with a view to joining in 2010. MC also added that this would also assist the Fixture Sec as the challenge matches arranged on Sundays did not necessarily sit easily with League games on the Saturdays as the Club would have ambitions to win both which may alienate or marginalise an unquantified proportion of the membership as a selection policy would require determining.

The vote taken 8-0 in favour of rejecting the invitation to NELCL but 8-0 in favour of MC’s revised proposal.

2009 Tour

KR advised all that he & JS have been looking into tours at alternative locations but predominantly Malta & Spain.

Most research & exchanges had up until now been with Malta but was rejected ion the night as only hotel 4* was being offered & was considerably more expensive than France without factoring in match fees, flights, & lunch / dinner. Also only 2 matches could be secured which would be back to back Saturday/Sunday. KR did stress though that the hosts are very organised & keen to please but overall felt not suitable for our needs.

With Alicante fixtures although provisonally secured in October, the option of the same region during August was discussed as Kurt had located an excellent accomodation although this would be during the high season & cost more than if aelsed in October. JS & JW favoured this option.

The existing set up & to retain the 2 games for a short sharp visit was favoured by PH MC AK CA & JG. JW said not his 1st option but if his 1st choice not available he would join this one.

Other alternatives within the UK were suggested by PH who felt that it would be easier to secure a prefered venue & then look for local fixtures at times that suited the touring parties so the set up would be similiar to France but here in the UK & would consult the Landmark Trust who lease unusual & large sized property in interesting locations. SL suggested that somewhere near Oxford or the Chilterns to tie in with the 2 Oxford games in late July might be an initial focus point.

PH agreed to look into this & report back. Meanwhile, the club membership would be approached to determine numbers for the Alicante trip in October.

JS said he would not go back at that time as the weather had been so poor in 2007 & he also opened a discussion on whether the club wanted family tours or boys only tours suggesting that perhaps the set up could alternate years as he knew of members interested in touring areas like Holland. CA said he'd be short of available leave time & a short tour would suit him best. PH reminded all that there were 3 weekends away already set up & the club may not be able to sustain all options but all the Club members would be approached for their commitments to the options available asap.



CA mentioned that nets at Victoria Park as o rganised by Justin Roy & Pete Alexander were continuing weekly on Saturday mornings unabated & anyone interested should turn up or contact Justin first to check if on.

The meeting ended at 8.45pm