A message from Peter Gillman at Lord Gnome XI CC
Mon 15 Jul 2002 
Club news item

I'm sorry but I can't shift Oz House and as they are blameless in this, we feel we have to stick to their fixture for Sept 8. That leaves Gnome to solve the pitch problem on Sept 1 and you without a fixture. I hope you can find one through the CCC. I really am sorry for this cock-up and have been searching in vain for an excuse. I have had health problems, with two operations in the winter to remove a problematic parathyroid gland, both of which failed. On the other hand, I did manage to sort out the rest of the fixtures safely. So feel free to blame me when you inform the rest of the team. Let's also try to fix the 2003 fixture as soon as the season ends. On the other hand, that's what we did last year, and you even told me that the Gnome fixture was your first confirmed fixture for 2002. So even that's no guarantee.

Apologies again
Peter Gillman