2009 AGM Minutes Part One
Thu 22 Jan 2009 
Club news item

AGM 19/1/09 Minutes Held at the Penderel Oaks, High Holborn. Meeting commenced 6.37pm

1. Introductions

Present:- James Gleadow(JG), Pete Henry(PXH), Peter Hollman(POH), Steve Lay(SL), Rob Bastin(RB), Shayne Rees(SR), Chris Atkin(CA), Jon Webley(JW), Matt Holliday(MH), Alistair Pritchard(AP), Aroon Korgaonkar(AK) & Matt Callender(MC). Guests: - Blair Griffiths Enterprise & Jerry Gutwin Islington Greenspace.

2. Apologies :- Ian Lay, Darren Tempany, Oli Hail, Kurt Rademaker, Darryl Roberts, Adrian Duthie, & David Murray.

3. Approve Minutes of 2008 AGM and EM of 11/2008 Approved unanimously

Wray Crescent Report Guest speakers – Blair Griffiths of Enterprise & Jerry Gutwin of Islington Council

Our guest speakers were introduced. Enterprise has taken over the contract from Glendale. JG circulated their method statement & what affects us. The grass will be cut regularly & markings made to specifications. JG & PH will meet within the next 4 weeks to discuss & verify. BG advised that 1 member of staff will be dedicated to this & will ensure standards are & requirements are met. JW asked about a roller which BG said should be possible. Again this needs to be done in the close season & will be discussed at the meeting TBA. Last years site meeting & issues were discussed & Jerry advised that the Islington brand update is now complete & can be used in tandem with Pacific’s logo. A copy of which POH will mail to him.

Blair will advise when Enterprise is ready to have a site meeting which both James Gleadow & I will attend. Among the requests were that a roller will be available & if appropriate be utilised for the outfield when appropriate & determined by Enterprise.

An Enterprise employee to be delegated will be responsible to ensure that the grass is kept to a playable height in the outfield & that the pitch markings will be accurate & maintained. Just to add that we normally request a shorter around the pitch area much like a table on a grass square.

Enterprise are responsible for several royal parks so we can be reassured that the standards will be higher than previously experienced.

Sign-age & notices where & if appropriate will be put up so local residents are aware of the area, its use & when matches are due to be held.

Please can you confirm the Park Rangers numbers & contact names. James & I are happy to pass on ours if needed. We will submit payment for the 1st 10 bookings upon request & invoice.

Just to add that the 10th April date has been moved to the 5th April. Other topics that were discussed were nets & a fixed cage will be set up at Tufnell Park. Additional netting / fencing to stop the ball going through at the base of the fence. Car parking to be sorted with IAMS. One off usage of a tiger turf sports facility probably in August for a one off cricket match using probably simulated cricket balls i.e... Plastic if deemed appropriate by Islington Greenspace & approved. The usage by footballers has diminished & POH confirmed an increase in Sunday bookings for the club & Pacific have upped their playing at Wray from 9 to 13

Break 7.21pm – 7.35pm

Officer Reports


A total of 63 games were scheduled including mid-week. Only 8 were cancelled & 1 postponed. Sadly 3 were due to not raising enough players & I have endeavoured to ensure that we do not have matches on the corresponding days in 2009 as this is an unwelcome trend, although I am encouraged by the return of members who play more than not & fully expect us to fulfil all our fixtures this season. I have now completed the fixtures & it is a shame to say that I could not find room for North Middlesex, Crouch End (pka Calthorpe) & Beamers who play at North London but I am very pleased to secure all our 1st choice games & have added the odd new one too such as Northfields, Thames Ditton, London Fields. Returning are Islington, Chigwell, Bayshill, Oxford University Club.

The cancellation of the 2 day game was disappointing but Guy Wiehahn was prophetic once he knew that day 2 was a normal working day. I have taken this into account & it’s on a Saturday / Sunday this year. Just need to sort out the selection for it now.

The 25th Anniversary day went well but it was a slog in the build up & obviously the Monday match

Competitions: - The Federation of Middlesex Sports Shield. We’re back in the Shield following last year’s appearance in the final. Hopefully we can go 1 further.

The League discussions which have been well documented were interesting if somewhat overly time consuming. If we are invited again, I think we should set out our terms before we entertain a similar process.

The VPCCL AGM is on 5th March. It looks like more teams will join but there is a limit of 24 teams so we won’t have more than 11 league games in high Summer + cup.

Wray Crescent. None of what was agreed last year occurred & this injected disillusionment with the authorities but we have reason to be optimistic as Enterprise have replaced Glendale & are here tonight to field our questions. Last years plans were for new signage to be put up marking WC as being the home of cricket in Islington. Further temp signs to be put up in January giving advance notice of projected works & repairs as well as notices of alternative sites for the footballers. This will then go ahead & the areas will be wooden stake ring fenced off with a view for a level repaired outfield ready by early April. Given that the ground was in excellent condition at the end of the season this is not as pressing as before but will go through the process nevertheless. With Glendale having given up on the site, a huge amount of lobbying gave us a playable ground for the Presidents game. I remain hopeful that the new broom will instil high standards & satisfy our requirements coupled with the formation of the Islington Cricket Development Group on which we have a place. JG has more info on that. I have scheduled 13 visits to our home this year as a sign of my confidence.

Other Grounds: - We have 3 games scheduled at Broxbourne, they are now playing regular Sunday league & at least 1 pitch request was turned down. We have 2 matches at Gonville & Cauis, 1 of which is away the other is the 2 day affair. We have 2 matches at Queens, 1 of which is away. Other new grounds are North Fields & Thames Ditton.

Club Captain

Outgoing Captain JW said he’d looked at the games & records for the season & overall we had the most successful season in terms of positive results for some years. That he wished to continue & that there were candidates who if elected would fulfil the role better than he. Certainly some opposition hold the sign over the Club & Jon advocated a strong approach & XI if possible when playing these teams. Isis, Black Rose & Lessa Wanderers were all mentioned.

Captains that he handed over towards the end of the season all did well: - Chris Atkin, Rob Bastin, James Gleadow & Darren Tempany & all would fill the role with aplomb.

Jon did touch also on his resignation citing negative on-field comments as being the prime mover which detracted from his enjoyment & affected his form. RB proposed a toast to JW.

Treasurer (Patricia Hollman – not present)

POH circulated 3 sets of reports & statements. (Available upon request). These were Outgoings / Incomings 2008, Individuals members’ balances as of 1/1/09 & Projected outgoings 2009. Pat was proud that the club had seen a turnaround of £5k highlighted a shortfall between INS & outs asking the members to decide whether this could be recouped by charging retrospectively for the tour anniversary shirts. The topic was debated fervently & of those present who had acquired these, a vote of 3-2 with 2 abstentions was taken in favour of charging.

The members present appreciated that the shortfall needed addressing & that the individuals’ balances + their 2009 subs will need to be paid. There was talk of charging overseas members & increasing match fees, particularly home games, fining inadequate tees or charging new players before their 4th game but all these ideas were dismissed for the time being. Indeed ex-treasurer Shayne Rees believed the match fee to be £4 but the club rules indicate £3

In addition, POH said that Pat was unhappy with part payments & incomplete details on the sheets. She would like clear & complete sheets in the future wherever possible. This is especially the case with evening matches & nets.