AGM Minutes Part 3
Wed 04 Feb 2009 
Club news item

Proposed New Constitution

JG has rewritten the Club Constitution & each proposed amendment has to be proposed & seconded

7.1.3 Overseas Membership Fee Currently FOC but if an overseas that previously attained Full Membership status upon return can give his availability & are included in selection as a Full Member. SL proposed this change. RB in favour of the status quo. Agreement reached that proposal should remain for 3 games & carried unanimously.

8. RB was conscious that discussions & agreement on all constitutional changes would soon overrun & proposed deferment to a future date. A remotely held EGM was agreed & JG said he would organise.

9a JG re-elected as chair uncontested. Propose MC. Seconder RB

B Club Captain. CA proposed by RB. Seconded JW. Elected unapposed. Vote of thanks for JW.

c. Treasurer. PAH proposed by RB. Seconded by AK. MH put himself forward but no seconder. PAH elected unapposed.

d. Fixture Sec. POH proposed by RB. Seconded by MH. Elected unapposed.

e. Club Vice Captain. DT proposed by SL. Seconded by RB. RB proposed by PXH. Seconded by MH. JR proposed by CA no seconder. DT elected by 7 votes to 3 & 1 abstention.

f. II s (Saturday) Captain. JR proposed by MH. No seconder. JW proposed RB. Seconded by AP. Electeed unapposed. A vote of thanks to SL.

g. II s Vice Captain. JG proposed by RB & seconded by JW. JR proposed by MH & seconded by PXH. JG elected by majority vote of 8-3.

h. Mid-Week Captain. SR proposed by RB. Seconded MH. DT proposed by AP. No seconder. JR proposed by SR. Seconded by PXH. SR elected by 5-4 with 2 abstentions.

i. Mid-Week Vice Captain. JR proposed by MH. Seconded by PXH. Elected unapposed.

J. Vice Chairman. MC proposed by POH. Seconded SR. Elected unapposed.

k. Kit Officer. KR proposed by POH. Seconded SL. Elected unapposed.

l. Social Secretary. SR put himself forward & was proposed by POH. Seconded by AP. Elected unapposed.

m. CWO. RB proposed by MH & seconded AK & elected unapposed.

10. Net allocatikon. Agreement was rteached by consensus that Full members can apply up to 3 & associates 1.

11. Tours. JW proposed motion that Assocaites would be free to apply to all tours from April & Full Members have until then to take adavantage of status. Agred unanimously.

12. Tour Managers to be placed by volunteers. Proposed by POH & seconded by MH & passed unanimously.


All were made aware that nets at Victoria Park continue throughout the year for anyone interested. For confirmation whether on on the day contact Justin Roy.

POH made all aware that thhe Double Wicket was now on Sunday 5th April thereby leaving only the Seniors v Juniors match as the only event on at Easter. Availabilities for both are being taken now by POH.

SL made all aware that the 1000th game could happen this season. Ideas of how to commemorate & celebrate are being invited. Do the members think that only those who play sghould be eligible to a special shirt or cap?

{The Presidents draw was deferred to later at the Vice Chairamnís abode & witnessed by the Club Sec & the CWO. John Hill was drawn as President & Matt Calendar his VC}

JW made all aware that his band, Mazieís Wake was playing the Oxford in Kentish Town on the 31st January.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.51pm