More Nets More or Less
Mon 16 Mar 2009 
Club news item

Apologies to those of you down for nets this Tuesday 17th March at Lords. Having delegated Shayne to contact Lords to check & confirm our dates, I took the matter back into my own hands, rang Lords & discovered that the 17th March is NOT a date we are booked in for. Sorry. CANCELLED Indoor Nets

Tuesday 17-Mar-2009 9pm Attending:- James Gleadow, Peter Hollman, Rob Bastin, Chris Atkin, Matt Callender & Oli Haill. 7th Jig Ramji Reserves:- Naveej Vinod, Saif Samshuddin.

Just to add that the nets cost the club 40 which works out at 6.66 each if 6 attend or 5.71 if 7 players.

Finally, I am conscious that the sessions we tried to book elsewhere did not materialise so we are short of indoor sessions compared to demand so while I was on the phone to Lords, I checked what free sessions are still available & have listed them below.

This is what you should if you are interested & want to net.

1. Check the dates & times below & if you are interested mail me back those you want to attend.

2. Once we have 6 attendees for any one slot, I will contact Lords & book it & let you know.

There is no limit on amount you want to apply for.

The quicker the responses, the quicker the sessions will fill, the quicker I can contact & book them before they are booked elsewhere. Hope that makes sense - if not or any questions let me know. thanks

MONDAYS:- 13th April. 6-7pm 8-9pm 20th April 26-7pm

TUESDAYS:- 14th April. 9-10pm 21st April 8-9pm 9-10pm

WEDNESDAYS:- 15th April 6-7pm 9-10pm

THURSDAYS:- 16th April 6-7pm 8-9pm 9-10pm

FRIDAYS:- 27th March 6-7pm 7-8pm 3rd April 6-7pm 7-8pm 10th April 6-7pm 7-8pm 8-9pm 9-10pm

SATURDAYS:- 28th March 5-7pm 7-8pm 4th April 5-6pm 6-7pm 8-9pm 9-10pm

SUNDAYS:- 22nd March 6-7pm 9-10pm 29th March 2-3pm 7-8pm 8-9pm 5th April 10am - 7pm