Cambridge 2 Day Squad Announced
Tue 14 Apr 2009 
Club news item

Incase people didn't get the email and don't look at fixtures for the end of May, I thought I'd post the side to face Crossbats here.

The XI for the 2 day game in Cambridge is :

Rob Bastin *+, James Gleadow, Vincent Croft, Matt Holliday, Pete Hollman, Aroon Korgaonkar, Steve Lay, Alistair Pritchard, Matt Callender, Shayne Rees, Saif Shamsuddin

Reserve : Naveej Vinoj

If any of the XI are now not able to play, please let Pete or me know ASAP (i.e. this week) to allow the reserves to book accommodation. Pete and I will send some suggestions out later in the week for places to stay. If anyone finds anything good, please share.