UPDATE: Friday night beer bonding session
Fri 19 Jun 2009 After Work
Diary entry

Change of venue as the cricket is on and we should watch it.

The Maple Leaf 41 Maiden Lane, London, WC2E 7LJ

Please pass on the message to anyone you know who is interested. I have texted a few and emailed.

Cheers, Chris

Any excuse for a beer really.

It has been decided that the team needs some bonding over a few pints, so a Friday night session on the 19th of June is in order.

Location TBC but will be central London from around 6pm. Put the date in the diary and if you are keen email me and I'll update you (christopher.atkin@three.co.uk) on venue when decided, or keep an eye on the website.

We already have a good number of confirmed attendees so put it in the diary. Cheers, Chris