Jig on the Dumball Rally
Thu 14 May 2009 
Club news item

Dear all, This week I am starting something called the Dumball Rally on Friday; which is a charity event that involves acquiring a cheap car (worth 400 or less) and travelling to an end destination 2000 miles away - www.dumball.org . This year we are travelling from Colchester to Helsinki in a car that has already caused us several heartaches.

We are doing this in aid of Cancer Research, in memory of my grandmother who passed away twenty years ago because of Ovarian Cancer. If you sponsor this cause, I would be very very grateful.

Please visit my Just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/dumball-teamalliance - we are trying to raise 50,000 for Cancer Research in the next 18 months - this Dumball is looking to raise 3000 of that.

Thanks all. Jig