Teamer Site Invitations
Tue 28 Jul 2009 
Club news item

Regular Pacific players will have received a text or email today (28/7/09) inviting them to join the 'Teamer site'. James Smith pointed this very useful website out a couple of weeks ago and it seems to hit the spot on an idea that has been discussed before, namely taking the painful job of team organisation off the captains and automating it.

The way the system works is that members give availabilites as normal at the latest by the Monday of the week before the game allowing the captain to pick a side. Then the teamer system sends out confirmation requests by free text and email (this is great for those not checking their email regularly). Members then say yes or no in the text or email response. The clever bit is that if a member subsequently pulls out, they send this to the teamer system which automatically sends a request to the next name on the reserves list taking the job out of Pete, Chris and my hands.

We are hopeful this site will solve a number of problems, including confusion between the captains on who is available and any break down in communication or timing issues. It should also mean you can keep your most suitable contact details up to date, as this is in your profile on the site.

Currently I'm getting all the details setup so this is not being used this weekend. I am hoping to use it for the game against Fulmer the weekend after next. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know.

All the best,

Rob B