Rain Doesn't Stop Play
Thu 06 Aug 2009 
Club news item

Like the match against Bank of England, the rain in Warwick failed to curtail play - mainly because golf only stops for lightening. 2 groups of 4 took to the Kings Course - a scary 6487 yards & unique as no one attendimng had played it.

The write can only comment on play from the 2nd group but it was 3 hours to play 9 & felt desperatly slow probably because the writer had more shots than anyone else!

All enjoyed the wide open course but suffered in the difficult conditions although the receptive greens can only be imagined as being even faster in the dry.

Ultimatley it was 10 times winner Allan Roberts who won the overall scratch winner's crown back from Adrian Duthie with some especially steady play on the back 9 which also brought the only birdie of the day.

Meanwhile, Rob Bastin continued to make the engravers job easier with another extra ciricular win by taking the handicap trophy beating Allan by 2 points.

Looking forward to a dry day in Hertfordshire in 2010 guys.

1st Allan Roberts 103 & 29 points

2nd (& h/cap winner) Rob Bastin 105 & 31

3rd Steve Emmins 106 & 28

4th Adrian Duthie 108 & 27

5th Darren Tempany 108 & 26

6th Darryl Roberts 108 & 25

7th Jon Webley 112 & 24

8th Peter Hollman 116 & 22