Indoor Cricket 2009/10 & Beyond
Thu 17 Sep 2009 
Club news item

Itís been some time since we entered an indoor team in either MCC Indoor School or Middlesex County competitions. Lords became price prohibitive as nearly all of those playing up to 2000 including others from other teams found that players were not prepared to pay steeply increasing fees.

If there is a renewed interest I would be happy to approach them to ask what the current fees are. Please bear in mind it was £10 pppg in 2000 & add to that a registration fee of £15 pp for the season which is October to December & held on Sundays.

An option is to contact Middlesex again, although interest here too waned as matches were held on a matting pitch in a school gymnasium in Mill Hill & the standard too good for us. Alternatively, we could enter Middlesex West which has 4 divisions & would suit us more but the matches are in Harrow. Fees were about half that of Lords

As the Club has seen many new players join these past few years, in conjunction with the availability of Holloway School, I am interested to see quite how many of you would fancy playing an indoor game or 2.

Depending on numbers, I can book Holloway School on Sunday mornings over the Winter to set this up. I just need to know how many of you want to give this a try. We would need a minimum of 12 players & if we get 18 can get 3 teams & have an internal competition. Who knows, we could invite other carefully selected clubs to compete.

Cost for the hall which has 3 nets is £76 per hour & a minimum booking length is 2 hours