The Australian & Rest of the World Perspective
Mon 12 Oct 2009 
Club news item

All, The final game is upon us so as Australians & ROW players it is our duty to beat the English!

The team is below, apologies to the reserves but we can only fit 12 into the team with a sub. Alex, Simon, & Amir please confirm if you are still available as there is every chance someone may pull out. Apologies, but I need to give games to the guys who have played for us this season as it's fair.

Everyone please confirm back to me asap if you are able to play. The game starts at 11am, so it is necessary to be at Wray by 10.30am to help set up and ensure we start on time. Be aware Arsenal are playing at home so factor in traffic if you are driving. Everyone is to bring their own tea and drinks for this game also.

As mentioned below, we are having a beer and dinner after the game, so please confirm to Pete and myself if you can make dinner as we need to factor in numbers for the booking:

Thanks to JS and PHoll we have booked food (let Pete know if you can come) - - they have long tables at Pizza Pappagone (0207 263 2114) under name Pacific Cricket Club. Sitting down at 7pm.

Its right next door to White Lion so can have few cheap beers in there beforehand....all v simple.

Rest of World XII

Chris Atkin* Darren Tempany Kurt Rademaker Lahrie (Supersub - to bat and field but cannot bowl) Alex McKillop Justin Hess David Morahan Nick Fuller Lucius Faisal Saif Shamsuddin Matt Patel Kieran Mullins

Reserves Luke Hollman Simon Edwards Amir Patel

Thanks, Chris