League Update
Thu 15 Oct 2009 
Club news item

Gents Iím back from holiday so now to step forward with the proposed Sunday League.

From the feedback Iíve received most of the items Iíve proposed seems acceptable so shall we proceed as follows:-

1. Six clubs play each other once home and away providing 10 fixtures for each club

2. Matches to consist of 40 overs per side Ė 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie or abandonment. Start times to be agreed by clubs involved in each match. Matches can consist of fewer overs per side (as long as both sides have the same number) if the weather is looking dodgy or a late start etc. As itís the World Cup early starts and two hour teas totally acceptable if both sides agree.

3. 5 Bowlers can bowl a maximum of 8 overs each.

4. The league winner is the team accumulating most points in the season. If two teams are tied then the results between the two count (just win ratio none of this complicated net run rate etc etc). If still level then the title is shared.

5. Fixtures need not all be played on the same days so as to fit in with existing fixtures.

6. The standard should be your regular medium to medium weak to give the regular players competitive cricket. Stacking the side for a Ďbig gameí is against the ethos of what we are trying to create.

7. I am in favour of each side providing a ball for each game so that every batting team starts with a new ball and so the contest is even. Some people want just one ball per match. From my memory timed games always gave the side batting first around half an hour longer due to having to negotiate the new ball hence my preference for each innings having a new ball. I am happy to go with the flow for this so when you send me your dates can you state your preference with the balls and weíll go with the majority view.

If you can all give me a list of your available dates as soon as possible (I already have Pacificís) then I can get on with planning out the fixtures. The earlier the better as I can then get them back in plenty of time for any amendments etc etc. Tim, can you let me have ours too.

Regards Peter