The 2010 Annual General Meeting
Mon 11 Jan 2010 6.30pm
Diary entry

Chairman James has booked 2 tables in the Penderel Oaks, High Holborn.

Advised attending:- James Gleadow, Peter Hollman, Rob Bastin, Kurt Rademaker, James Smith, Vincent Croft, Chris Atkin

Apologies:- Toby Chasseaud, Darren Tempany, Aroon Korgaonkar, John Hill, Darryl Roberts, Adrian Duthie, Lahrie Mohamed, Lucius Faisal,


AGM 11/1/2010 AGENDA

1. Introductions 2. Apologies 3. Approve Minutes of 2009 AGM

4. Officer Reports a. Secretary b. Club Captain c. Treasurer d. Saturday Captain e. Kit Officer f. Social Secretary g. Midweek captain h. Chairman i. Website Officer

5. Membership Amendment to Constitution - MH 6. Membership a. SS AM to FM b. DR FM to AM

7. Elect Officers a. Club Captain b. Treasurer c. Secretary d. Club vice-captain e. Saturday Captain f. Saturday vice-captain g. Midweek captain h. Midweek vice-captain i. Vice-Chairman j. Kit Officer k. Social Secretary l. Chairman m. Child Welfare Officer

8. Discussion as to how to allocate net sessions 9. Allocate net sessions 10. Discussion as to how to select touring parties 11. Choose Tour Managers 12. Presentation of 2009 Trophies 13. AOB - stock take 14. Draw to determine President and Vice-President a. President to choose club charity

PACIFIC CRICKET CLUB CONSTITUTION 1. MEMBERSHIP 1.1 Full membership 1.1.1 Full membership may be granted either by a vote at an AGM or an EM or by postal vote or electronic vote of the existing full members save that if any two full members object to a nominee in a postal or electronic vote then that nominee may only be elected by way of a majority at a quorate meeting. 1.1.2 Membership will be suspended if a member fails (and has disregarded at least two written reminders) to pay his previous years debts by 1st June. 1.1.3 Only full members have the right to vote at any meeting. 1.1.4 All debts to the club must be paid by full and associate members by the later of (a) within one month of the treasurer issuing a statement of debtors & creditors and (b) 30 January of the relevant year. 1.15 Membership may be terminated or suspended at any quorate meeting. 1.2 Other Memberships. 1.2.1 New associate members and non-playing members may join on payment of the appropriate fee at the request of the club. 1.2.2 Associate members will be given priority after full members and ex-full members of the club currently residing, or returning from, overseas for any activities of the club.

2. THE COMMITTEE & OTHER OFFICERS OF THE CLUB 2.1 The committee consists of the chairman, secretary, treasurer & club captain. 2.2 Other elected officers are club vice-captain, Saturday captain and vice-captain, 8-a-side captain & vice-captain, deputy-chairman, equipment officer, social secretary and webmaster

3 ELECTIONS 3.1 Elections for all club positions shall be held at the AGM. 3.2 Any candidate must be proposed & seconded by full members. 3.3 Voting is by single transferable vote or such other method as the chairman may decide, in his discretion, as the most appropriate in the circumstances. 3.4 Each elected post is held for a period of one year commencing at the close of the AGM. 3.5 Members may cast votes or propose/second candidates in any election by electronic mail to the chairman which vote or proposal/seconding to be received by the chairman at least 24 hours prior to the AGM.

4 MEETINGS 4.1 Annual General Meeting 4.1.1 The AGM will be held in either January or February. 4.1.2 4 weeks notice will be given of the AGM on the club's web-site and also to full members. 4.1.3 The agenda will be sent to members by email 1 week before the AGM. 4.2 Extraordinary Meetings 4.2.1 An EM may be called by three full members by applying to the chairman in writing or by email. 4.2.2 1 weeks' notice will be given of the EM. 4.2.3 The agenda for the EM will be made available at the meeting. 4.3 General 4.3.1 Quorum for any meeting shall be 7. 4.3.2 The chairman (or, if absent, deputy-chairman) has the casting vote at any meeting. 4.3.3 Proposals for changes to the constitution may be proposed and seconded by 2 full members & submitted to the chairman in time for the inclusion into the agenda of an AGM. Changes to the constitution cannot be made at an EM or under any other business. 4.3.4 Valid nominations for any captaincy or vice-captaincy position may be submitted in writing to the chairman no less than 14 days before the date of the AGM and having received confirmation of a willingness to stand from each nominee the chairman shall list the nominees in the Agenda for the AGM and (ii) however nominations subsequent to such deadline will be accepted including nominations made at the AGM.

5. RESPONSIBILITIES 5.1 Captains 5.1.1 To select a vice if required. 5.1.2 To select a player to monitor the club kit. 5.1.3 To be responsible (which duty may be delegated to another player) for ensuring that after each match relevant match fees and fines are collected from all the players, that proper records of such collections and relevant details are recorded in writing and that moneys and records are forwarded to the treasurer within 3 days of each match. 5.2 Vice Captains 5.2.1 To take over from the Captain when he is not present. 5.2.2 To ensure all monies are collected & debts recorded in the appropriate book and advised to the treasurer. 5.3 Chairman 5.3.1 To update the constitution from time to time.

6. FEES 6.1 Membership Fees 6.1.1 Full Membership: 35.00 6.1.2 Associate Membership: 15.00 6.1.3 Non playing membership: 0.00 6.1.4 A reduction of 5.00 is made on full membership fees if they are paid together with current debts before 1 March. 6.2 Match Fees 6.2.1 Home and away games 3.00 6.2.2 Any player driving another player or the team kit to or from a game shall be exempted their match fee. 6.2.3 Each player will also (a) provide tea for two for home games where applicable or (b) pay the required tea money. 6.2.4 Each player shall pay his match fee on the day of the match.

7 COLOURS 7.1 Club colours are blue & green. 8 SELECTION 8.1 Selection will be determined by the captain(s) from a list of confirmed available players on the Monday preceding a weekend match and as appropriate during a tour. 8.2 If a full member is deselected for any particular match then unless all players who played in that match have in their turn been deselected then that full member may not be deselected in a future match.

9 CHARITY 9.1 The charity of the club shall be chosen annually at the AGM.

10 FINES 10.1 All sums collected from fines to be paid to the club charity. 10.2 Fines are leviable on any player playing for Pacific at a match involving Pacific 10.3 The following shall incur fines: 10.3.1 Dropped catch 50p 10.3.2 A duck 1 10.3.3 Player last to arrive 50p