Squash's Senior Service Hits 7Up
Wed 25 Nov 2009 
Club news item

Steve Emmins retained his Pacific Squash crown for the 7th consecutive year, by overcoming his perennial challenger, Peter Hollman.

Following last Fridays qualifiers, James Gleadow & Vince Croft were left high & dry at 5 points a piece in the 1st game of their 3 game rubber for 5th place. Oli Haill whose improvement from the 1st game to that as a worthy semi-finalist was impressive but the holder eventually prevailed.

Meanwhile, in the other semi-final, Rob Bastinís combination of sublime & unforced errors eventually meant that a winning position was not hammered home & a breathless Peter Hollman became Emminsí final challenger. In the final, Hollman was more cautious than usual in a bid to minimise unforced errors but Steveís touch & finishing deservedly saw him home with maybe a little less than the score suggests.

As this was the 2009 defence held over from the Spring, it wonít be as long to wait for the 2010 competition.

Round Robin

1st Steve Emmins Played 5 Won 5 Lost 0

2nd Peter Hollman P5 W4 L1

3rd Rob Bastin P5 W3 L2

4th Oli Haill P5 W2 L3

5th Vince Croft P5 W1 L4

6th James Gleadow P5 W0 L5

Semis:- Pete beat Rob 10-8 5-9 9-5

Steve beat Oli 9-5 9-2

Final:- Steve beat Pete 9-2 9-6 9-3