Awards Curried Away in Rainstorms
Tue 01 Dec 2009 
Club news item

Well done to Shayne & Matt H who organised a rare divulgence into central London for the End of Season Dinner & Awards night. 33 players & ex-players & partners showed up on a foul night. The Pride of Spittlefields was packed to the brim & so disregarding the many please to patronise alternative curry houses, the big yellow frontage was tracked down successfully. Soon a couple at the centre of the 3 tables felt very outnumbered & as their courses & bill arrived with undue haste, the table was finally liberated.

The cramped conditions may not have been condusive to free movement & the trophies remained out of display but everyone made the most of it chatting to their immediate neighbours.

Eventually, Shayne took the mic & welcomed all the other lucky diners for inadvertently gatecrashing Pacificís night of the year.

The minibats were handed out to the 5 centurians (Jon, Darren, Conrad, Shayne & Toby) then the mounted balls to Naveej for best figures & James G for most wickets + Rob who won the single wicket.

Special awards of an engraved hip-flask & a poster were presented to Jon for his outstanding record breaking runs tally & to Rob for his catching record.

Then came the main event & the votes were counted.

The voting panned out as follows:- Player of the Season 1st Jon Webley 58 votes, 2nd Darren Tempany with 27 & 3rd was James Gleadow with 24. 5 others received votes (In no order):- Kurt Rademaker, Rob Bastin, Naveej Vinod, Lahrie Mohamed & Peter Hollman

Most Improved Player 1st Luke Hollman 27 votes. 2nd Lahrie Mohamed 21 votes. 3rd James Gleadow 15 votes. 15 others received votes in no order Jon Brown, Joe Bennett, Darren Tempany, Peter Hollman, Matt Holliday, James Smith, Shayne Rees, Chris Atkin, Lucius Faisal, Conrad Chandler, Toby Chasseaud, Justin Roy, Aroon Korgaonkar & Rob Bastin.

The 7 candidates for the Tom Brown Memorial Best Newcomer were Justin Hess, Saif Shamsuddin, Naveej Vinod , Toby Chasseaud,Luke Hollman, Joe Bennett & Alex Jessop-Emmins. Naveej pipped Toby in the tightest voting 22-20 & Saif was 3rd with10.

Finally, surprisingly perhaps 8 candidates received votes & despite Rob Bastin breaking the catches record only beat Peter Hollman 25 votes to 20. 3rd was Darren Tempany although there was little between him & the rest which were made up of Matt Holliday, Toby Chasseaud, Matt Calendar, Jon Webley & Luke Hollman.

The Player of the Season award has still to be returned by Darren & once done so will be engraved & distributed along with the others that need handing out so if possible this will be done at a Xmas drink if arranged or at the AGM in January. See you then. ph