League Meeting at The Skinners Arms 10th December 2009
Fri 11 Dec 2009 
Club news item

Peter Ford League Secretary writes "Meeting at The Skinners Arms 10th December 2009.

Last night representatives from P&HCC (myself), Pacific CC (James Gleadow) and Grimsdyke CC (Shaun Pollard & Ray Beckman) met up to discuss and agree various issues regarding the new friendly Sunday league. As we made up a majority of the clubs involved in the set up we hope everyone will be ok with what we agreed. However, if Alexandra Park CC or Southall Dragons CC have any issues with this please let me know so we can discuss further.

What we agreed is as follows:-

1. Matches to be of 40 overs per side (adjustable on the day for weather conditions etc provided both sides agree).

2. Start times to be decided for each match by the teams involved. We suggest 1:00 or 1:30.

3. A maximum of 8 overs per bowler (adjusted for shorter games)

4. Two identical new balls to be provided per match, one for each innings – to be provided by the home (away?) side.

5. 4 points for a win, 2 points for a tie or abandoned match. No bonus points or other incentives so as to keep everything simple.

6. Double booked fixtures to be rearranged if possible. If not the team who have the double booking ‘loses’ the match – no penalty points.

7. When the weather affects a game.

a. If the match has not started or has not completed 10 overs then it can be rearranged. If it can’t then it is abandoned and 2 points each

b. If the match is called off after 10 overs and before 10 overs are completed in the 2nd innings the game is considered abandoned and 2 points each.

c. If the game is called off after 10 overs in the 2nd innings then we are looking to see if we can use Duckworth/Lewis. Shaun is going to find out if there is a formula for 40 over matches that we might be able to use. We can vote on this at a later date.

8. If teams finish level on points then the ‘Title’ is shared. Finally we thought that we could have an end of season function somewhere and present a prize to the top batsman (most runs), top bowler (most wickets) and top fielder (most catches).

If anyone has any comments please let me know. I’ve attached the final Fixtures List to this email. If anyone wishes to change any of the fixtures dates please feel free but let me know. If you email me after the matches I’ll collate them and produce a league table weekly.

Regards Peter "