The 2010 Annual General Meeting MINUTES
Sun 17 Jan 2010 
Club news item

Held in the Penderel Oaks, High Holborn. Meeting commenced at 7.05pm. 1. Introductions Present:- James Gleadow, Peter Hollman, Rob Bastin, Kurt Rademaker, James Smith, Vincent Croft, Chris Atkin, Steve Lay, Jon Webley & Justin Roy. Also Associate Member Rob Allum

2. Apologies:- Toby Chasseaud, Darren Tempany, Aroon Korgaonkar, John Hill, Darryl Roberts, Adrian Duthie, Lahrie Mohamed, Lucius Faisal

3. Approve Minutes of 2009 AGM

Passed unanimously.

4. Officer Reports

a. Secretary

A total of 66 games were scheduled including mid-week (3 up on 08). 10 were cancelled. These 10 breaks down into 1 for rain, 1 tube strike, 2 by the oppo & 6 including 2 in Alicante because we did not have enough players – double 2009. For 2010, I have avoided the same dates or dropped the other date that weekend or streamlined a tour as even now commitment looked thin. .

In 2010 we have 61 so hopefully we can fulfil all our games although I do still have 3 vacant Saturday slots which I do not intend to actively pursue. From 2009 we have lost London Fields, Graces, Islington, Squirrels, Lessa Wanderers, North Middlesex, Victoria Park Juniors, North Harrow, Washington, & Noak Hill. Coming in new are:- Beamers (@ Nth Lond), Whittington @ WC, Southall Dragons(L), Alexandra Park (L), Grimsdyke (L), Northfields.Coming back are:- Parkfield & Headstone (L), Highgate (A), St Aulaye, Damazan, Chequers, Sunbury Chieftains, Yarl, Langlebury. Plenty of successes as well in 2009 incl the tours & the 2 day game..

Competitions: - The Federation of Middlesex Sports Shield. We’re back in the Shield & of course are founder members of the New Middlesex Sunday League. 3 home games at Broxbourne & 1 at Wray. Away games are in Alexandra Park, Wilf Slack, Harrow & Ealing Central Sports Ground..

The VPCCL AGM is on 2nd March. 19 new teams have contacted the league expressing varying degrees of interest & no one to date has withdrawn. The maximum amount will be increased to 27 days. This will mean 9 pools of 3 teams ie 2 matches to determine whether we make 1st 2nd or 3rd divisions which will be made up of 9 teams in each..

Wray Crescent. Overall we had far less problems with Enterprise than Glendale. They were in regular touch & issues like the gate were initiated. The facilities should all be available again & James is checking when the mat will be repaired. There is now a more formal arrangement with junior football ground sharing but their games will continue to fit around our season. Other Grounds: - We have 5 games scheduled at Broxbourne. We have 2 matches at Gonville & Cauis, 1 of which is away the other is the 2 day affair. We have 2 matches at Queens, 1 of which is away. Other new grounds are North Fields, Southall Dragons, .

Tours As mentioned earlier, there were 4 tours scheduled & Members were mailed in September asking which & when they plan to attend. 9 of the 33 have yet to give any response while only 11 responded on each tour.

Cambridge 2 day game. We now have 10 players who have said yes at some juncture. Plan was to contact all 11 again once the 11th or possibly 12th had responded in the positive. Then where necessary arrange any accommodation required. This is still the plan..

West Country Tour. This has been curtailed because support was weak with no more than 5 members saying yes. Part problem was the Sunday is also the World Cup Final day & while Mike Henry from Dorset Wanderers tried to find a Sunday opposition. Ultimately, this proved fruitless & with the need to accommodate Black Roses’ desire to play us on the only mutually free day left, the tour is now an away day..

Oxford. Only 6 definites so far but this tour never suffers from lack of numbers as perming players has usually been required. Therefore despite seemingly low numbers at the moment, there are no concerns..

Dordogne. Initial numbers were not backed by deposits & subsequent withdrawals since has caused concerns. Rather than releasing the smaller house back to the Land Lords & losing our deposit, alternatives have been investigated. The remaining places in the main Bastit house will also require filling & this news is to be more actively & widely circulated. These are still early enough days but transport ie ferry or flights do need booking & it would be ideal to get the vacant places filled ASAP.

Club Captain Report. CA advised all present that he’d checked back at the seasons stats & was pleased to highlight that 62% of games were indeed won. When looking closer, Sunday games (AKA the firsts who play under Chris & can be on Saturdays & BHs) then 78% were won or 14 out of 18. His personal highlights were beating Black Rose home & away, Putting the Lessa curse to bed, beating Thames Ditton who are a quality big club & the Broxbourne tie when we fought back brilliantly. On the downside, in order of depression, getting players for games, ashes, getting availabilities another sore point. For future games if re-elected, he would like to see those players selected arrive early for a warm up & nets if available. It was clear in his mind that the team needed more practice. Low points such as the defeats to UCS Old Boys, Gonville & Cauis, & Strongroom are all games that we can compete in far more effectively in 2010.

Key players throughout the season were of course Jon, but also James G, Rob B until his availability was affected in autumn, & Lahri. There was a pleasing level of commitment to from Toby & Naveej all which culminating in what he felt was a good year all-round.