2010 Minutes Continued
Mon 25 Jan 2010 
Club news item

Minutes AGM continued.

3c. Treasurer

Separate sheets were circulated which included a statement of accounts & players’ individual outstanding dues. A vote of thanks was taken & pased on to the interim treasurer who resigned.

d. Saturday Captain

RB reported that he felt that there had been good examples of quality cricket throughout the season such as games at Gonville & Cauis against Crossbats. Good spirit, relationships with opponents never endangered, & matches were by & large enjoyed. Chair thanked him.

e. Kit Officer

- stock take A list of club kit as per January stock tak taken by PH. Identified that KR would acquire a new kettle & chalk. Cricket balls were discused as a variety had been trialled. It was agreed that the Hunts county balls were best costing £8 per ball when bought by the dozen. KR agreed to buy. RB to check state of keepers’ gloves

f. Social Secretary

In his absence the EOSB was discussed & it was agreed that Shayne had doen well with his invitation, picking a geographically central site & a fabulous speech on the night. However, the venue was not ideal & too cramped so it was agreed that for 2010 we shopuld return to somewhere more airy, possibkly a pub room again, so particpants can easily circulate & socialise.

g. Chairman

JG said that the Isklington Development Meeting (IDG) had met to maintain & improve facilities at Wray Crescent which does now include a ground share with Islington CC junior footballers but JG did assert the primacy of crciket at the venue which should be maintained as it is ICC who’s football team it is. The pavilion is undergoing a structural survey. PH warned that we should not be over assrtive as we may lose access to any areas. The new contractors had been more on hand but while greater progress had been hoped for there certainly had been some. JW & JS expressed hopes that the outfield could be rolled & the holes that emerged properly filled in. JG would follow up the tear that has started on the side of the pitch & revisit the issue of moving the net that resides at Tufnell Park over to WC. RA referred to the availability of a Ground Advisory pack, which is available from the ECB, which JG agreed to look into.

h. Website Officer

No report submitted. No comments made.

i. Mid-Week Captain.

Standing in for SR, JR said that we’d qualified for the 2nd division (of 4), which was good but then lost every game although it was noted that all those games were close & could have gone either way. Must try harder said JR

5. Selection Process. This was discussed & agreed that there should be no change applied even tio league matches. Additiionally, it was felt that there was no need for an additional League captain.

6. Membership

Saif Shamsuddin proposed by JW & 2nd by SL & Rob Allum proposed by KR & 2nd by JW. Both elceted unanimously

a. Changes. Following the AGM, the new Chair, SL ratifying the Overseas Membership status & criteria.

7. Elect Officers. A vote of thanks was taken for all outgoing Officers.

a. Chairman SL proposed by JS & 2nd by CA. Elected unapposed

b. Club Captain CA elected unapposed

c. Treasurer JG proposed by PH. 2nd JS elected unapposed

d. Secretary PH elected unapposed

e. Club vice-captain DT elected unapposed

f. Saturday Captain RB elected unapposed

g. Saturday vice-captain JG resigned. JS proposed by PH 2nd JW. Elected unapposed

h. Midweek captain SR elected unapposed

i. Midweek vice-captain JR elected unapposed

j. Vice-Chairman JG elected unapposed

k. Kit Officer KR elected unapposed

l. Social Secretary Patricia Hollman proposed by KR & 2nd JS. Elected unapposed

m. Child Welfare Officer RB elected unapposed

Meeting breaks from 8.20pm to 8.30pm

8. Allocate net sessions Agreed to 3 for FMs & 1 for Ams depending on demand

10. Tour update and future tours programme discussion Discussed. Tour Managers agreed. Camb: - RB, Oxford: -CA, France: -PH

12. Presentation of Trophies Recipients not available so deferred

13. AOB

Changing Room keys & keys for gate at Wray Crescent required, JG to follow up.

Clearing out rooms at WC. JG to folllow up.

Outfield at WC. JG to follow up.

Spray cans for pitch marking to be bought as usggested by JS, which will be used for pitch markings over a stensil. JS & KR to follow up.

SL advised that he had completed individuals’ unique appearance numbers up to 2008 & would circulate before the season starts.

Also 1000th fixture will be played in 2010. Previuous committee to invesigate how to commemorate did not report although MP said he’d like t-shirts & not polo shirts this year. Certainly a shirt would be struck. KR to investigate & report before ordering as SL said it would only be known virtually on the day as any game could be cancelled & so would have to be printed afterwards.

RA paid his FM dues & became the 1st to do so for the season.

JR advised that VP nets would begin on Sunday 7th February at 11am if not before.

14. Draw to determine President and Vice-President Darren Tempany drawn as President, vice is Matt Calendar. Due to Matt’s unavailability for 2009, it was agreed to draw a replacement if need who is Joe Bennett. a. President to choose club charity b. DT to advise as not present.

Meeting adjourned at 8.53pm