Lay of the Land
Sun 21 Feb 2010 
Club news item

Steve Lay made the most of the unplanned curtailment of the 1st table tennis tournament by edging into the top 4 of the final table of participants. He then went on to beat favourite Lucius Faisal in his semi before a clinical defeat of Peter Hollman in the final & reversing the earlier league outcome. A handy warm up for his Lay laden car trip to see Watford at Scunthorpe the following morning some might think.

Matches played on 19th February at Talacre Leisure Centre in Kentish Town

Round Robin continued

Pete beat Steve 11-7

Steve beat Matt 11-8

James beat Luke 11-7

Matt beat James 11-5

Rob beat Steve 12-10

Matt beat Luke 11-5

Lucius beat Rob 11-8

Lucius beat Steve 11-6

Pete beat Luke 11-6

Pete beat Rob 11-9

Lucius beat Matt 11-7

Rob beat Luke 11-4

Steve beat Luke 11-6

Lucius beat Pat 11-5

Pete beat Pat 11-2

Steve beat Pat 11-7


1st Lucius W7

2nd Pete W6

3rd Rob W5

4th Steve W4

5th Matt W3

6th James W3

7th Luke W1

8th Pat W0

Other standings

Guy W4

Pete Henry W1

Steve Emmins W1

Alex Jessop-Emmins W1

SEMIS:- Pete beat Rob 22-20 & Steve beat Lucius 11-8

FINAL:- Steve beat Pete 21-13

DOUBLES:- Steve & Luke beat Pete & Pat 21-13. Steve & Luke beat Matt & James 21-16. Pete & Pat beat James & Matt 21-13. WINNERS:- Steve Lay & Luke Hollman