Mole Jutt don't want to share !
Wed 28 Aug 2002 
Club news item

From the League Fixture Sec

Thanks for getting in touch Ken. Just to expand further Tim & Nigel's comments.

I'm sorry to hear that the message from Pacific Joint Captain, Jonathan Campbell does not appear to have reached you. The committee declared that given that this was an unprecedented situation, they were advising both teams that if possible & the teams could agree, a play-off was deemed as desirable.

In the event, Jonathan Campbell was unable to agree to this as the match not having been scheduled, several members were unable to play, neither could assurances be reached that a necessary start time of 5.30 or soon after could be guaranteed due to working commitments. This left no other option than for the title to be shared. It is hoped that at next year's AGM , & with at least one member of both teams in attendance, agreement can be reached as to suitable tie-breakers in future years. Additionally, I have heard one member of Pacific CC propose that next year's President's match can be replaced by a challenge match between Mola Jutt & Pacific which can then be used as a tie-breaker if agreement is reached.

Subject: Final Match

To whom it may concern, We are still having difficulties trying to get Pacific to agree to any dates with regards to our outstanding match. All the dates, which have been suggested to them, appear to be unsuitable.

As I now feel like a cat chasing its tail, at this point, I would appreciate the league’s intervention in concluding this issue. Clearly we would like this settled via a match and under no circumstances do we want to share the league. I am quite sure that the use of various match statistics could be used only if you come up against the same problems we have.

I am really getting the feeling that this is a game only one team wants to play.

Ken (Mola Jutt)